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National Ultrasound Partners with Trice Imaging for Distribution   National Ultrasound is excited to announce that we have partnered with Trice Imaging, Inc to distribute their online medical imaging service to physicians and clinics in North America. Trice Imaging, Inc provides easy access and sharing to ultrasound images through their Tricefy platform. Learn more about our partnership here. The Ultrasound Cloud powered by […]
Invest in Ultrasound Ultrasound can bring great benefits to physicians world-wide.  Ultrasound is the safest, real-time diagnostic imaging method available today. Advances in technology have improved the imaging quality and affordability of ultrasound machines. You and and your patients will benefit from using ultrasound imaging in your practice. How the patient benefits: Medical problems can be discovered sooner. […]
Your Ultrasound Specialists At National Ultrasound, we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge of ultrasound. Our staff is trained to help you find the right ultrasound equipment that meets your application and budget requirements. Many of the members of our sales team have experience as sonographers and others have been in the ultrasound business since the beginning. Most […]

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National Ultrasound offers competitive pricing, economical warranties, and an outstanding reputation. In an industry that demands exacting standards, healthcare providers seek to minimize costs without compromising patient care. National Ultrasound’s commitment is to provide you with guaranteed high quality ultrasound products and service at a reasonable cost. A National representative will guide you through the task of buying ultrasound equipment. We can cut through the confusion and offer options based on the performance you need at a price you can afford. Our expert staff can answer all of your questions. Whether you are looking to purchase or sell ultrasound systems we encourage you to contact us or request a quote to get more information from your local regional sales manager.

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New Ultrasound Machines and Equipment Refurbished Ultrasound Machines and Equipment Used Ultrasound Machines and Equipment   Do you have used ultrasound equipment you would like to sell or trade-in? Send an e-mail with the ultrasound system’s details to   For service/repairs please call 1-800-797-4546 and ask for service.


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