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Women's Health

National Ultrasound has a wide range of new and refurbished ultrasound machines for a broad variety of women’s health imaging applications. We offer the best ultrasound machines for obstetrics and other focus areas such as gynecology, birth control, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, osteoporosis, sexual health, and conditions affecting the female reproductive organs.

As with other specialties, in this case women’s healthcare, diagnostic imaging is an important tool for identifying and treating medical conditions in an accurate and timely manner. Clear, lifelike ultrasound images with exceptional quality help increase the diagnostic confidence of doctors and improve the speed and quality of healthcare delivery, positively impacting lives.

Women’s Healthcare Ultrasound Machines

To take your practice to the next level, consider investing in a state-of-the-art women’s ultrasound imaging machine designed specifically for your application. We carry a wide selection of new and used ultrasound systems from a variety of reputable brands, including GE, Mindray, Philips, Chison, Siemens, and more!

National Ultrasound’s Top Recommendations

Our best value recommendations for women’s health are the GE Voluson line of ultrasound machines and the Mindray M6, M7, M9 – all portable obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound options. We also recommend Mindray’s DC-40, DC-70, DC-80 and Philips’ EPIQ 7 and 5 and Affiniti 50 and 70 ultrasound machines – all console system options.

In the Voluson product line of ultrasound machines, GE combines forward-thinking technologies and intuitive system design to offer diagnostic excellence. The machines are packed with the power of Core Voluson architecture, superior imaging capabilities, and automated measurement tools. Besides easy-to-use volume imaging, they also offer different imaging modes for OB/GYN applications.

When it comes to the EPIQ 7 and 5 and Affiniti 50 and 70 OB/GYN ultrasound machines, Philips has added enhanced clinical and workflow capabilities such as TrueVue, GlassVue, and aRevealA.I. These technologies offer clinicians greater insight and confidence while analyzing complex obstetric and gynecological problems.

The Mindray M6, M7, and M9 portable obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound machines are laptop-based systems that offer exceptional value with high performance and enhanced image quality and efficiency. The systems are easy to carry and hence suitable for a variety of hospital and office settings.

They are perfect for all your women’s health imaging needs including breast exams, obstetrics, and gynecology applications. They incorporate the latest transducer technologies that enable better penetration and higher resolution which in turn translate into greater diagnostic accuracy, even in patients that are difficult to scan.

For unprecedented optimized user experience, consider the Mindray DC series of OB/GYN ultrasound machines. They streamline procedures with unique touch gestures, workflow efficiency, and innovative imaging technology. They enable easy fetal biometry analysis, 4D imaging, and GYN abnormality detection among a host of other valuable exams.

With National Ultrasound’s wide range of OB ultrasound machines for women’s health applications, choosing the right ultrasound system for your practice just got easier! Contact National Ultrasound today for more information about new and refurbished OB/GYN ultrasound machines available! Our team of experts would love to evaluate your requirements to help you find the perfect fit for your practice, whatever your medical imaging and budgetary needs!