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Ultrasound in Sports Medicine

Did you know that an estimated 3.5 million children 14 and under get hurt playing sports every year? Or, that 20% (i.e. 2 million) of all injuries seen in the emergency room are sports related? These injuries are most commonly arms, legs, head, neck or back related and are the causes of months, or perhaps years, of […]

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Using Ultrasound in Podiatry

By now, it’s no secret that ultrasound can be used in a variety of medical fields. Just a quick web search will show that it is used in specialty areas such as anesthesiology, pain management, thyroidectomies and many others due to the precision and versatility if offers to physicians. So, it is not truly a surprise to find that […]

The GE Vscan: More Advancements in Medicine | National Ultrasound
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Using Ultrasound for Anesthesiology

While many are familiar with the use of ultrasound for pre-natal images, there is much more to ultrasound than that. In fact, it can be used for a long list of applications ranging from urology to rheumatology and numerous approaches in between. One such application is that of anesthesiology, where it is used to make […]