National Ultrasound Adds Chison SonoTouch V-Access to Product Line Offering


National Ultrasound is very excited to announce their partnership with Chison to sell the most affordable picc line system available in the United States. This system is great for hospitals and clinics featuring a 10.4″ LED touch screen and mobile stand for portability. The system has convex, micro-convex, linear, and phased array imaging capabilities plus much more. Visit the product page to learn more about the Chison SonoTouch V-Access.

Joe Williams, the President of National Ultrasound, says, “We are excited to announce our partnership with Chison in selling this exclusive product, the SonoTouch V-Access. Our goal is to market this affordable picc line system to hospitals and clinics by offering the best pricing and service. We are looking to start new relationships with hospitals and clinics and strive to provide the best imaging offerings possible.”