Elesta EchoLaser EVO

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    National Ultrasound is the exclusive U.S. dealer of the Elesta EchoLaser EVO*. Key clinical applications are ModìLite(head and neck lesions) and SoracteLite(prostate and kidney pathologies). This system works with most ultrasound machines as a micro-invasive, atraumatic, anesthesia-free, outpatient treatment of soft tissue tumors. It is the only micro-invasive treatment option in the U.S. The Echolaser EVO is intended to perform ultrasound guided laser ablation coagulation of soft tissues.

    Read about the Physicians—Dr. Augustin Andrade, Chief of Endocrinology Department at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, FL and Dr. Eric Walser, Chairman of Radiology at UTMB in Galveston, TX—currently using this product in our blog post, here.

    * EchoLaser EVO is composed of two devices, EchoLaser X4 and ESI, both FDA compliant.

    The Elesta EchoLaser EVO package from National Ultrasound includes:

    Multiple Laser Sources:

    Enables large volumes of coagulative necrosis obtained with perfect control of the borders, even in larger lesions. The operator can use up to four laser sources which work simultaneously in relation with the volume of lesions to be treated. Each laser source is independent from each other, both in activation and power adjustment, allowing the user to tailor the treatment depending on each clinical situation.

    Ultrasound Guidance of the Treatment:

    Enables real-time monitoring of the treatment. ESI reproduces the ultrasound image in real-time, giving indications to physician on possible treatment options in terms of applicators positioning trajectories and attended ablation area with respect to number of fibers used and eventual pull-back maneuvers performed.

    Micro-invasive Technique With Fine Needles:

    The technique with very fine needles (<0.8mm) is completely atraumatic and very well tolerated by the patient, ensuring fewer complications and side effects.(Outpatient, no anesthesia)

    Clinical Evidence:

    Clinical evidence has been gathered in multiple applications including thyroid nodules and benign prostatic hyperplasia with more than 50 publications. Key papers on Thyroid and Benign Prostatic Hypeplasia are reported below:

    Benign Thyroid Nodules

    Long-term Efficacy of Ultrasound-Guided Laser Ablation for Benign Solid Thyroid Nodules.

    Outcomes and Risk Factors for Complications of Laser Ablation for Thyroid Nodules.

    A comparison of laser with radiofrequency ablation for the treatment of benign thyroid nodules: a propensity score matching analysis.

    A single session of laser ablation for toxic thyroid nodules: three-year follow-up results.

    Superb Microvascular Imaging Compared with Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound for Assessing Laser Ablation Treatment of Benign Thyroid Nodules.

    Benign Thyroid Nodules (BTN) Safety and efficacy of thermal ablation (radiofrequency and laser): should we treat all types of thyroid nodules?

    Percutaneous laser ablation for benign and malignant thyroid diseases.

    Benign Prostatic Hypeplasia

    Elesta EchoLaser for Prostate Focal Ablation Treatment – An Interview with Professor Pierluigi Bove.

    Transperineal Laser Ablation for Percutaneous Treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia: A Feasibility Study

    Transperineal laser ablation for percutaneous treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia: a feasibility study. Results at 6 and 12 months from a retrospective multi-centric study

    Transperineal interstitial laser ablation of the prostate, a novel option for minimally invasive treatment of benign prostatic obstruction.

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