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Medical Wipes

Medical wipes for ultrasounds are a necessity for cleaning and disinfection processes. Different people manage and interact with ultrasound machines — doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and patients. The medical professionals need to ensure that the machines meet cleanliness standards and will not risk pathogen spread. 

You want to choose wipes that are designed for cleaning ultrasound machines, including delicate transducer lenses and cables. The wrong type of wipe can cause hairline cracks or yellowing, or delamination. That’s why you want a wipe that is specially designed to handle these lenses. 

SONO Ultrasound Wipes 

At National Ultrasound, we carry SONO wipes. A division of Ultrasound Solutions, SONO Ultrasound Wipes has products that are meant to cover every medical field that requires disinfection and deodorization. The company has a decade of experience on how to manage ultrasound machines and help clean them without dispelling any scan accuracy.

We carry the SONO Wipes – Ultrasound Disinfecting Kit for our clients’ benefit. This exclusive discount bundle is meant to help medical facilities handle potentially large outbreaks and infections, and help them stock up. In addition, there are SONO canisters that you can use in waiting rooms, as well as reception areas. Any patient can use these wipes to sanitize before their appointment. SONO spray allows you to quickly clean areas with high patient contact. To top it all off, you will receive SONO gel for your machines. 

What Pathogens Can Spread From Ultrasound Equipment?

The type of ultrasound can determine what potential pathogens can be contracted in between ultrasound examinations. Some body parts are more vulnerable than others, and certain medical facilities have a higher risk for the patients in question. For example, transvaginal ultrasounds can be riskier than ultrasounds for vascular or thyroid owing to the method of application.

Fungi such as mold and mildew are another concern. Such fungi like damp environments, and some may grow on human skin. Medical wipes can prevent the spread. 

Medical professionals have conducted studies on how to improve infectional control. The studies have concluded that adhering to basic cleaning practices can make a huge difference in saving lives. As a result, they need to become standard in hospitals.  

How To Disinfect Medical Devices

Use a cloth to remove any ultrasound gel. The gel is designed to be sticky and can carry microbes after use, so you want to make sure it’s cleaned before you disinfect.

Take a wipe and wrap it around the transducer. Replace the transducer in the holder, and keep it there with the wipe ensuring that the transducer remains wet. 

Apply more wipes to the cables and lenses. Determine what the patient might have touched, and also wipe them down. If you feel it is necessary, use a 

Invest In Medical-Grade Supplies And Machines From National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound seeks to provide the equipment that medical facilities need and the knowledge on how to use them. We have new and refurbished ultrasound machines that fit any budget. Our additional sanitizing equipment and supplies will help you maintain them. 

To learn more about antibacterial and disinfection, please reach out to us today. Inhibit the growth of potential pathogens and keep your patients healthy with National Ultrasound’s products. 

Trusted by Hospitals Loved by Everyone™

Protect Your Staff, Patients and Equipment. SONO Canisters are perfect for the reception area as well as your patient waiting rooms and employee offices. We use the same formula found in our Soft packs so your surfaces will never experience any damage caused by most medical grade wipes.

Keep Equipment Clean, Disinfected, And Damage-free

All of SONO’s solutions are tested for compatibility in our state-of-the-art testing center. From medical devices to consumer products, SONO has tested it’s proprietary formula against your most valuable investments. There are too many products in the industry
to physically test every disinfectant wipe for compatibility. OEM’s are limited on resources and most do not have any testing protocols in place to run physical tests on compatibility with all product lines and surfaces. Advanced Ultrasound Solutons created a proprietary testing device that is automated and duplicates real world cleaning of medical devices and high touch surfaces. Our system allows us to document and verify results. Test subject is put under an automated system which will allow the surface to stay wet as required to effectively disinfect and air dry to see the reaction the chemical will have. This process and method is IP protected and proven to display proper results.

Over $75-100 million dollars a year is spent on transducer repair. SONO Ultrasound Wipes are non-abrasive, so your equipment will still look and feel like brand new—even after hundreds of uses.


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