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Ultrasound Gel

Ultrasound gel is a necessity for facilities that use ultrasound machines. The gel serves as a conductive medium for the waves the device generates to form an image of the body. It reduces air between the device and human skin, reducing any acoustic impedance from other factors. 

You need to buy ultrasound gel in bulk to handle a large number of patients you see daily. Even if you see a small number of patients, you cannot run out of the gel. Otherwise, the images will have less clarity and accuracy. Trust a reliable retailer to deliver the packets or storage devices regularly.  

Criteria For High-Quality Medical Ultrasound Gel

Your medical ultrasound gel needs to have safeguards against the bacterial spread. Due to the large amount of skin contact required by the gel, it can be easy for germs to spread in multi-use packets. Multi-use dispensers or devices need to have safeguards against a bacterial spread. 

Single-use packets are guaranteed to have sterilization against potentially harmful microbes. For that reason, we recommend using single-use disposable dispensation options. They are safer in the long run and more practical. 

In addition, you need a gel that minimizes potential skin irritation. Dermatitis can happen in some cases of gel application, but the percentage is small. Parabens within the gel may cause this skin reaction when it interacts with the skin and phenoxetol. See if you can select an option that lacks parabens. If you have patients with sensitive skin, invest in hypoallergenic options. 

Finally, do you want an oil-based or water-based gel? Manufacturers provide both options, though fewer technicians use an oil-based version. A water-soluble gel is easier to clean, and we recommend it because an oil-based gel can leave residue on the human skin after use. 

Additional Accessories For Ultrasound Waves And Patient Comfort

If patients dislike how cold the gel is, a gel warmer can provide the necessary solution. Gel warmers are designed to reduce discomfort for people that receive examinations. For those undergoing physical therapy, the device can also heat soothing massage creams and lotions. You can find multiple purposes for gel warmers, making it a long-term investment.

You want to pair ultrasound gel with an appropriate cleanser or disinfectant. Ultrasounds require a standard cleaning procedure, so that patients and medical professionals don’t potentially contract viruses or bacteria. Probes need a constant wipedown or protective cases, and the gel used must be disposed of after use. A cleanser that has disinfectant can fulfill both of these purposes.  

Enhance Your Ultrasound Transducers With Gel From National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound believes in providing medical facilities with precisely the supplies that they need, as well as what is a good match for your operations. With our new and furbished options, you can find a machine that suits your facilities as well as your budget.

To find out more about receiving the necessary supplies, please reach out to us today. The National Ultrasound representatives are ready to answer all of your questions about the proper ultrasound gel to purchase.