SONO Wipes – Ultrasound Disinfecting Kit


National Ultrasound is an authorized distributor for SONO Ultrasound Wipes and we are proud to offer this exclusive disinfecting bundle! The complete disinfecting kit for medical practices, effective against SARS-Cov-2 (the cause of covid-19), includes three packs of SONO wipes, two canisters of SONO wipes, two bottles of disinfecting spray and four bottles of ultrasound gel—included for Free!

SONO Ultrasound Wipes

3 Packs of SONO Wipes:

Our SONO Ultrasound wipes are designed with compatibility and portability in mind. Disinfecting wipes have been known to damage the housing around your transducer lens causing hairline cracks and de-lamination. They can also cause yellowing of your cables and cracks to your strain relief. This can quickly create unnecessary costs for your practice. The most popular wipe in Hospitals and Physician offices!

2 Canisters of SONO Wipes:

SONO Canisters are perfect for the reception area as well as your patient waiting rooms and employee offices. We use the same formula found in our Soft packs so your surfaces will never experience any damage caused by most medical grade wipes.

2 Bottles of SONO Spray:

Use our new Hydrogen Peroxide disinfecting spray to quickly spray down high touch surfaces in your patient rooms, waiting rooms and bathrooms. SONO EHP spray has the EPA’s “Designed for Environment” certification making it a Green technology product. It’s also amazing at removing stains from soft surfaces. It can be used for cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing and stain removal. A true multi-use product.

4 Bottles of SONO Gel:

SONO Clear gel is made with a proprietary list of ingredients that maximize the signal transmitted from the transducer to the ultrasound machine. Using a high quality clear gel also minimizes staining and cracking around your lens. Ultrasound transducers are the most expensive and highest failed part of your machine. Using the right products can minimize your service cost. No Bubbles – No Dyes = The highest image quality!


Contact us today for more information! These sono wipes ultrasound are perfect for cleaning and disinfecting ultrasound machines and probes. Order today for medical grade disinfectant, ultrasound probe cleaning wipes and ultrasound cleaning wipes.


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 6 in