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The Biggest Trends for Ultrasound Devices in 2019

Ultrasound devices have come a long way since they were first used in the 1950s. One thing that has not changed is their value. Ultrasound machines allow us to see images that examine the body’s internal organs more closely and are incremental to many medical processes today. These adaptive technologies are essential for medical professionals […]

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Anatomical Intelligence Meets Ultrasound

By now everyone knows the value of the ultrasound machine. We realize that it allows us to not just determine the gender of a baby, but also helps in veterinary practices, can be beneficial in helping those with brain injuries and can even be used in treating kidney stones. But like everything in medicine, there is always something more […]

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7 Advancements in Ultrasound Technology

When it comes the field of medicine there is always something new to learn. It might be a new way to achieve results, a safer more efficient procedure, a new treatment, a new cause and effect of a disease, a new use for an existing piece of equipment or any number of advancements and knowledge […]

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Endoscopic Ultrasound: What Exactly Is It?

For many people, the word “ultrasound” conjures up images of being at the OB/GYN office and seeing images of their baby in the womb. For some, ultrasound might mean a means to lessen pain or to identify the source of the pain. However, there are many other ways that ultrasound equipment can be used. One […]


Improve Your Veterinary Practice with We See You Solutions

As medical professionals, you have very busy schedules. You work holidays, late nights and early mornings to keep your patients healthy. This is true whether your patients are people or someone’s furbabies.  In fact, when you have a veterinary practice, you are faced with one additional challenge – your patients cannot talk to you. Consequently, […]