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Welcome to National Ultrasound’s online showroom.  National is a supplier of new and reconditioned used ultrasound systems & equipment. Our company buys, consigns & sells reconditioned used ultrasounds. We are a dealer of reconditioned Siemens/Acuson, GE, Philips ATL/HP, Medison, Aloka, Sonosite, Sonoscape, Mindray & Biosound ultrasounds. We meticulously recondition each piece of used ultrasound equipment back to its peak performance with OEM components and state of the art electronic tools. Once complete, our reconditioned used ultrasound equipment and systems deliver the performance you’d expect from brand new ultrasound equipment at a fraction of the cost!  Additionally, the company repairs & provides service for all types of ultrasounds throughout the country.

Call to schedule a visit to our showroom located in Atlanta, Georgia. We always have a large variety of equipment for you to compare. We offer competitive warranty terms, economical pricing and an outstanding reputation. National Ultrasound’s commitment is to provide you with guaranteed high ultrasound products and service at a reasonable cost.

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Reconditioned portable ultrasound equipment available


At National Ultrasound, we are dedicated to providing our clients with affordable, top quality used medical equipment, ultrasound machines, and accessories. All of our refurbished ultrasound scanners come with a warranty and are thoroughly inspected and tested. We offer convenient portable ultrasound equipment from manufactures like Sonosite, Mindray, and SonoScape. In addition, we have a vast selection of equipment from the leading manufacturers in the industry, including GE ultrasound machines. National Ultrasound’s expert staff of representatives can answer all of your questions and help you select and purchase your ideal diagnostic ultrasound system.

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Used Ultrasound Equipment

National Ultrasound is a respected provider of quality used ultrasound equipment. We have a vast inventory of reconditioned ultrasound machines, ultrasound transducers, replacement ultrasound parts, as well as new and Demo ultrasound machines. We offer product lines from nearly every major OEM – Acuson, ATL, Aloka, GE, Biosound, Hewlett Packard (HP), Philips, Siemens, Toshiba, Mindray, Sonosite, Sonoscape, Medison and more.

The Benefits of Diagnostic Ultrasound for Chiropractors

Ultrasound Machines for Sale | Philips Affiniti 70We all know how painful sore joints and muscles can be. Yes, we may be able to work despite the pain but that doesn’t make it pleasurable. Thankfully, chiropractors are able to help alleviate the pain and make it possible to get back to one’s normal routine.

Chiropractic treatment, like many other aspects of the medical field, is always evolving and improving, thanks to medical advancements. One such improvement is the use of a diagnostic ultrasound or Point of Care, for bedside procedures. By using diagnostic ultrasounds, the doctor can get a more thorough assessment of the cause and the problem, then design an approach. This type of ultrasound is often portable, thus providing real-time diagnosis when used at the site of a sporting event, vehicular accident or other non-office scenario.

If you are considering adding a diagnostic ultrasound to your chiropractic practice but are unsure as to its practicality, then consider some of these additional advantages to the ultrasound machine. For instance, the diagnostic ultrasound is perfect for determining the following:

·      Excessive fluid in hip joints among children

·      Hernias

·      Hip dislocations among infants

·      Inflammation or fluid (effusions) within the bursae and joints

·      Issues with the Achilles tendon as well as other tendons throughout the body

·      Ligament tears and sprains

·      Muscle tears, masses, or fluid collections

·      Neck muscle abnormalities in infants with torticollis (neck twisting)

·      Nerve entrapments (such as carpal tunnel syndrome)

In addition to these many uses, there has also been research showing that diagnostic ultrasound can be used in determining the amount of damage in shoulder, elbow, wrists, hips, knees, feet and ankles.

With so many uses, having a diagnostic ultrasound is a practical addition to any office. As there are several companies – Mindray, Chison, SonoSite, and GE to name a few –  which make them and they each have different features, you want to make the best investment of your money. So how do you select the right one for your practice? Here are some tips to help.

·      If your budget allows, systems that include compound imaging will allow you to see multiple directions at once, see tissue damage more easily and will reduce artifacts in the image. In a standard ultrasound, you will only be able to see in one direction.

·      Select a machine that has speckle reduction so that darker areas of the image are clearer and tissue definition is more enhanced.

·      If you use needles as part of your approach, then consider an ultrasound that includes needles visualization.

·      Depending on your practice needs, or perhaps you are thinking to expand your service potential, consider a portable system that can be used from room to room and simply plugged into a laptop.

·      As many chiropractic visits involve the spine, you may wish to purchase a machine that works with a low-frequency probe, as these can penetrate deeper than high frequency ones.

Having not just an ultrasound, but the right diagnostic ultrasound for your office is important. If you have questions about a particular type of diagnostic ultrasound system, give National Ultrasound a call and let one of our team members help you make your practice better than ever.

The GE Vscan: More Advancements in Medicine

GEVscan 1.2 Ultrasound Machine for SaleIt seems rarely a month goes by that we don’t hear of a new advancement in medicine. Whether it be a better understanding of how a disease can be treated, a new test that allows us to be more proactive, or a new version of a standard piece of equipment, the medical field is always expanding and making medicine and health more understood. One of those recent advancements is in the field of ultrasound technology.

The ultrasound is one of the most versatile tools in a medical office. It provides doctors with a better understanding of the patient’s situation so that a course of action can be determined.  As such, advancements in ultrasound technology are important. In January of this year, there was a new generation of ultrasound introduced – the GE Healthcare team unveiled its pocket sized, dual probe ultrasound.

This new ultrasound, called the Vscan Extend Sector Probe, is portable and wireless, which makes it the ideal piece of equipment, whether one is in the field or in the office. Its light weight design of just 406 grams plus an intuitive touch screen, offers easy integration with your hospital’s DICOM system and makes it quick and easy to share information with those on your team, and beyond.  The information collected can be used for clinical diagnostic situations as part of monitoring. Even better, the Vscan can be used for patients of all ages.

The Vscan Extend can be used for a wide range of applications. Some of these include assessing heart failure patients, measuring bladder volume, and offering cloud-based image communication. Even better, there is no risk of data security as the Vscan is equipped with a high level of data security so that all collected data is encrypted at all times.

In addition to the Sector Probe, there is also a VScan extend Dual Probe which can be used with other medical data for clinical diagnoses. The Vscan Dual Probe comes with interchangeable region specific plugs, a USB cable, a rechargeable battery, two Micro SD memory cards and a soft case that makes taking it with you safe. It has been cleared for use in cardiac, abdominal, renal, obstetrics and gynecology, urology, fetal, adult cephalic, peripheral vascular imagining and a long list of other procedures.

Medicine, as always, is an ever-changing, exciting field where there is always something new to learn or a new approach to better treatments. At National Ultrasound, we strive to always have the latest in cutting edge technology, so that your office is able to always do the best job. If you have questions about the Vscan, give one of our team members a call.