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3D-4D Ultrasound Machines

3D-4D ultrasound is a technique used during pregnancy that displays three-dimensional images and movement of a fetus (fetal face and other body parts). Other applications include multiplanar imaging of the pelvic organs. This developing technology is also being used in some diagnostic medical procedures such as biopsies and enhanced visualization of cardiac structures. National Ultrasound offers a variety of 3D-4D Ultrasound machines such as GE Voluson i, GE Voluson e, GE Voluson E8, Voluson 730 Expert, Medison Sonoace 8000, Sonoace 9900 or Toshiba with the Xario and Apilo. Our team of expert sales managers will help you find the right 3D-4D ultrasound machine to meet your diagnostic needs while staying within your budget.

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