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Samsung Ultrasound Machines

The Samsung RS80a ultrasound machine is a new color console from Samsung Healthcare. This system boasts superior imaging quality with [...]

An industry leader, Samsung Healthcare specializes in diagnostic imaging devices and in-vitro diagnostics. National Ultrasound sells quality Samsung products including [...]

National Ultrasound is proud to offer the products of Samsung Healthcare, whose vision is focused on confident diagnosis, cost-effective solutions, [...]

With its mission to bring health and well-being to people’s lives, Samsung Healthcare continues to raise the bar in ultrasound [...]

National Ultrasound is proud to offer the highest quality ultrasound equipment available from leading brands that you trust, such as Samsung. With their innovative designs and advanced ultrasound technology, Samsung Medison is committed to creating a new, improved future of health and wellbeing. Integrating their foremost expertise in display, IT, mobile, and electronics, their vision is to bring confident diagnosis, cost-effective solutions, and improved workflow. Samsung ultrasound’s intuitive and ergonomic designs, ease of use, reliability, and time-saving, optimized workflows result in confident diagnoses and improved quality of life.  

About Samsung Ultrasound Machines  

National Ultrasound’s line of Samsung Medison’s ultrasound machine models are ideal for a variety of functions in your practice. This medical equipment, which has beamforming technology, offers some of the best ultrasound technology you’ll find. 

National Ultrasound offers Samsung Medison’s new and refurbished ultrasound machine models such as the HS70A with Prime, the HS50, and the HS60 console systems. These Samsung ultrasound machines provide superior image quality, innovative beamforming, single crystal technology, and the accurate temporal resolution that medical professionals need for a variety of purposes in their practices.  

Our Samsung Ultrasound Machines & Equipment  

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