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Veterinary ultrasound machines are fundamental for animal clinics that are diagnosing serious problems. They can track a pregnancy, track blood flow within arteries in the case of an aneurysm risk, identify enlarged organs, or spot signs of cancerous growths. That’s why having the right machine is important, and we provide a wide range for veterinarians.

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Veterinary Ultrasound Systems And Supplemental Equipment

Browse our selection of veterinary ultrasound systems. National Ultrasound has created our specialized veterinary division called National Veterinary Equipment. We will notify you about manufacturer’s warranties that apply to certain models, as well as if companies have discontinued specific machines. You may even qualify for ground shipping within the United States.

Ultrasound Imaging Machines

We have ultrasound imaging machines that are more than ready to work at your clinic or in the field. Portable options can provide point-of-care either within a facility or on a farm, and in a zoo in some cases.

Mindray is one of the best brands for when you want high-quality healthcare. We carry Mindray’s full line of veterinary ultrasound machines, anesthesia machines, patient monitors, and more.

The Mindray Z60 Veterinary Ultrasound Machine is one of the newest portable options from the brand. It comes with a three-year warranty and one hour of online training to reduce the learning curve. Take advantage of the rechargeable battery.

Patient Monitors

Patient monitors can help monitor vitals on large or small patients. They can assist when applying anesthesia to animals before surgery, track biometrics during an invasive procedure, and track recovery rates.

Consider Mindray iMEC8 Veterinary Patient Monitor as a potential device for your clinic. It has a compact design complete with programmable parameters, depending on the animal in question. Track vitals like CO2 with a large battery for energy usage, and take advantage of the two-year warranty from the company.

Anesthesia Machines

Having the proper device to administer anesthesia depending on animal weight and biology is important. An overdose can cause complications in the long term while using too little anesthetic can lead to problems during surgery, shaving, or other invasive procedures.

When you want to prioritize patient safety, always use a machine like the Mindray Veta 3 Veterinary Anesthesia Machine. It uses intelligent ventilation to administer sedatives for the animal’s benefit, having a lower leakage risk compared to other models on the market. Review patient status all throughout the procedure, and use the high-performance turbine to generate the energy required for such a venture.

Acquire More Veterinary Imaging At National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound knows how important it is to conduct an examination in real-time for veterinary patients. From large to small animals, we have the equipment that your facility needs to make an accurate, timely diagnosis. In addition, our experts can recommend the brands and models

Contact us today to talk to one of our veterinary equipment specialists! National Ultrasound can help match you with the perfect ultrasound machine, new or refurbished, that fits your medical needs. View our current products below and request a quote if a certain model meets budgetary requirements.