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National Ultrasound offers world class ultrasound repair and maintenance services from our expertly trained and educated ultrasound repair technicians. Our dedicated ultrasound service team has spent countless hours training directly with ultrasound manufacturers on service, repair and maintenance best practices. We offer repair services for all major ultrasound brands including GE, Mindray, Philips, Chison, Sonoscape, Samsung Medison, Toshiba, Fuji Sonosite, and more! We repair not only ultrasound systems but also a wide variety of ultrasound machine parts like transducer probes, scanners, circuit boards, and power supplies, among others. We offer fair and competitive pricing on ultrasound repair and ultrasound maintenance 

Why Choose our Ultrasound Service 

  • Overnight* Loaner Program – Time lost during Ultrasound repairs can cause huge losses, especially during peak hours.  Most importantly, however, having to send patients away until repairs are complete, runs the risk of ruining reputation and losing business. Thus, to help you prevent downtime as much as possible, we will ship a portable ultrasound machine overnight to your facility.   
  • OEM Parts – We order our parts direct from the manufacturer. If the system is no longer supported by the manufacturer, we can source parts and service your system most of the time. 
  • Free Phone Consultation – Call and ask for ultrasound service now at 1.800.797.4546 or 770.551.8797. 
  • Diagnostic Fees – Cost of evaluation will be applied to repair if customer chooses to repair system. (Valued at $350.00 plus tax, shipping to our warehouse is not included). 
  • Up Front Quote/ Pricing – We always offer a quote up front with clear pricing so you can be sure what to expect.

Our Ultrasound Repair Services Offer: 

  • Machine Repair or Maintenance – We will try to diagnose the issue over the phone. If your issue cannot be solved over the phone, you can ship your portable ultrasound system to our warehouse for repair or we can schedule on-site service for console machines. 
  • On-site Service/ Preventative Maintenance (PM) – National Ultrasound can offer on-site ultrasound repair service as needed for your console ultrasound machine or Pneeded for insurance compliance and accreditation. 
  • Ultrasound Transducer Repair – National Ultrasound currently offers ultrasound probes repair. Replacing an old or rare transducer probe can be costly, contact us to see if we can repair your existing ultrasound transducer to save you money. 
  • Service Contracts – National Ultrasound offers ultrasound repair service contracts for any time period starting at a minimum of 1 year. Contracts include all parts and labor costs on future issues and our overnight loaner program. On-site PMs and repair are available to add. A system analysis is required before contract can be submitted. 
  • Upgrades – Depending on the age of the system, we can upgrade/update the software. Some units can be upgraded with a solid-state hard drive (SSD) to increase the speed and reliability of the machine.

Don’t risk taking your valuable ultrasound equipment anywhere else—let our team of experienced ultrasound repair technicians get a quote started for you today! Fill out the form in the sidebar or call us for a free quote. 

*Overnight shipping for loaner is only available during business hours: Monday through Friday 9:00AM to 3:00PM EST.