Ultrasound Supplies

Every ultrasound machine requires maintenance. Ultrasound supplies that will be available include gel, printer paper, ultrasound needle guides, standoff pads, probe covers, disinfectant wipes/ solutions, and more.

Ultrasound Paper

Ultrasound Paper

Ultrasound Paper Ultrasound systems need to use a specific type of paper for printing out images. The synthetic paper has [...]

Ultrasound Disposable Supplies

Browse our selection of supplies that allow for cleaning or for efficient procedures. We know the importance of having regular stock of these items. Many are used daily if not per procedure, and that’s why ordering in bulk is important.

Ultrasound Gel

Ultrasound relies on sending waves through skin and tissue to render an image of an organ or tissue. A drawback is the human body having thick densities in different tissues, such as muscles. The amount of air serves as an additional barrier to those waves rendering an image.

The gel provides a conduit through which the ultrasound waves can travel into the body. It reduces the amount of air in the spot to improve clarity.

The gel cannot be reused for sanitary purposes. A technician has to apply it directly to human skin. With the number of ultrasounds performed daily, a facility needs to stock gel in bulk for optimal imaging.

Disinfectant Wipes

Because multiple people use ultrasound machines or run them, having a cleaning and maintenance schedule is important. Probes need sterilization after each use, before applying to the next patient. With current events and a regular flu season, cleanliness can reduce sickness and save more lives.

Disposable disinfectant wipes are a practical standard for sterilization. They are a quick and efficient way to clean a machine in-between patient usage, reducing the time spent waiting for a scan. We can recommend SONO Wipes because they are designed specifically to wipe down probes and other ultrasound equipment. The SONO Wipes Ultrasound Disinfecting Kit is designed for versatility and comes with four bottles of ultrasound gel.

Reusable And Disposable Supplies

Needle Guides

Needle Guides are important because they allow radiologists to conduct accurate biopsies on patients. They pinpoint the area where the radiologist will collect a tissue sample for a biopsy, minimizing potential trauma for the patient. This biopsy will ideally catch any illness before it can worsen.

A doctor may also use needle guides for pain management or applying anesthesia. Nerve blocks and spinal injections require accuracy because the potent medicines can become a hazard to the patient instead.

Our needle guides are disposable, but some options are reusable. They are compatible with endocavity transducers. For example, the InnoVESP DE-011 Disposable Endocavity Needle Guides are compatible with the Philips: C9-4v endocavity transducers.

Invest in Ultrasound Probe Covers and more at National Ultrasound

National Ultrasound carries ultrasound disposable supplies. Many are soon to be available for direct purchase of our website. We also sell new and refurbished ultrasound machines with matching probes. Different ones will suit your budget, and they always provide high-quality imagery.

To find out more about cleanliness and maintenance, please contact us today. We will meet your ultrasound supply needs and match your facilities with the appropriate machines. National Ultrasound is more than ready to assist.