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Ultrasound printers and recorders have high requirements for accuracy and detail. Radiologists and other doctors study the scans to make diagnoses, and they need all of the information that the scans can provide. As a result, the tendered images need to have high contrast with stellar quality. Browse our options to see what fits your budget and medical needs.   

Video recorders are necessary for recording the transducer feed. Medical professionals can use this footage during follow-up discussions with the patients. They can also use the footage for case studies with the patient’s permission. One downside with the medical equipment, the traditional video recording equipment can be costly. Modern technology allows for more affordable options.     

New and Used Printers & Recorders

We carry new and refurbished printers and video recorders. Our goal is to make sure that you have the proper equipment for printing images for your facility. If you are looking for a particular type not shown, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Modern Ultrasound Printers

Depending on your needs, you can get multiple features in a printer for your facility’s benefit. WiFi connection can reduce the time required to send a printing job, while Bluetooth makes remote communication easier between devices. 

Determine if you want laser, thermographic, or magnetographic printers. Magnetographic printers are the fastest option but the most expensive, while thermographic is the more affordable type. Laser printers are the least costly and the easiest to maintain.

Take a look at our selection of printer options. Sony is the leading brand that we carry. The Sony machines focus on efficiency and quality so that a medical technician can receive the images in a shorter time.  

  • Sony UP-X898MD
  • Sony UP-897
  • Sony UP-D897

DVD Recorders:

  • Sony DVDirect

Refurbished Recording For Medical Devices

A refurbished machine is one that was purchased secondhand. In some cases, they weren’t even used, owing to a canceled order. We replace any supplies that are missing,are such as cartridges or thermal paper, as well as worn-out parts. As a result, the refurbished printers, recorders, and other devices are like new but sold at a lower price. 

Black and White Photo Printers:

  • Sony UP-870
  • Sony UP-890
  • Sony UP-895
  • Sony UP-910
  • Sony UP-930

Color Photo Printers:

  • Sony UP-1800
  • Sony UP-2900
  • Sony UP 2950
  • Sony UP 3000
  • Sony UP-5000
  • Sony UP-5200
  • Sony UP-5250
  • Sony UP-5600
  • Sony UP-5650


VCRs are still a viable option for recording footage. These devices can connect to ultrasound machines and render video. The cassettes used have high-quality imaging.  

  • Sony SVO-9500MD

Prepare For Clinical Environments With National Ultrasound

When you need machines with superior image quality, National Ultrasound is the top resource for you. We sell new and refurbished ultrasound systems so that you can receive a higher value for a lower price. In addition, we have high-quality supplies for maintenance and delivering images to your patients. 

To find out more, please reach out to us today. Our representatives will make recommendations on the printers that fit your needs. National Ultrasound is more than ready to help you find a Mac or PC-friendly ultrasound system.