Printers and Recorders

Ultrasound Accessories Printer

We carry new and refurbished printers and video recorders. If you are looking for a particular type that is not shown, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

New and Used Printers & Recorders


  • Sony UP-X898MD
  • Sony UP-897
  • Sony UP-D897

DVD Recorders:

  • Sony DVDirect


Black and White Photo Printers:

  • Sony UP-870
  • Sony UP-890
  • Sony UP-895
  • Sony UP-910
  • Sony UP-930

Color Photo Printers:

  • Sony UP-1800
  • Sony UP-2900
  • Sony UP 2950
  • Sony UP 3000
  • Sony UP-5000
  • Sony UP-5200
  • Sony UP-5250
  • Sony UP-5600
  • Sony UP-5650


  • Sony SVO-9500MD