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Mindray M5

Mindray 7L5s linear ultrasound transducer includes 5.0/7.5/10 megahertz bandwidth with a 50mm scanhead footprint which is a larger footprint than the 7L4s (38mm). Imaging applications include: musculoskeletal and veterinary. The 7L5s probe runs on the M5 human and veterinary ultrasound machines.

Mindray 7L6s linear ultrasound transducer has a frequency bandwidth of 5.0/7.5/10 megahertz with 60mm scanhead footprint. Imaging applications include vascular and veterinary diagnostic studies. The 7L6s probe is compatible with the Mindray M5 and Mindray M5 Vet portable ultrasound machines.

The Mindray P4-2s phased ultrasound transducer has a 2-4 megahertz bandwidth with a 23mm scanhead footprnint. The P4-2s probe is designed for cardiac, abdominal, cephalic, pediatric and veterinary imaging applications. Compatible systems include the M5, M7 and TE7 human and veterinary ultrasound machines.