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Mindray TE7

The Mindray P4-2s phased ultrasound transducer has a 2-4 megahertz bandwidth with a 23mm scanhead footprnint. The P4-2s probe is designed for cardiac, abdominal, cephalic, pediatric and veterinary imaging applications. Compatible systems include the M5, M7 and TE7 human and veterinary ultrasound machines.

The Mindray V11-3Ws transvaginal ultrasound transducer has 3.0-11.2 megahertz bandwidth. The V11-3Ws endocavity probe is for OB/GYN and urology imaging applications. Compatible with the TE7 and M9 ultrasound machines.

The Mindray C11-3s micro-convex ultrasound transducer is designed for use on the Mindray M7, M9 and TE7 veterinary and human ultrasound machines. The C11-3s probe has 3.0-11.2 megahertz frequency range and is for neonatal cranial, neonatal abdominal, pediatrics, pediatric cardiac, vascular, neurology and veterinary imaging applications.

Mindray P7-3Ts TEE phased ultrasound transducer has a 3-7 megahertz bandwidth. The P7-3Ts probe is designed for cardiac and transesophageal echo imaging applications and runs on the M7, M9 and TE7 ultrasound machines.

Mindray L14-6Ns linear ultrasound transducer includes a wider scan head and 6-14 megahertz bandwidth. Imaging applications include small parts, vascular, pediatrics, superficial, musculoskeletal, neurology, adult abdominal and neonatal cranial. The L14-6Ns probe runs on the M7, M9 and TE7 Mindray portable ultrasound machines.

Mindray L12-4s linear ultrasound transducer has 3-13 megahertz bandwidth. Imaging applications include: small parts, vascular, musculoskeletal, superficial, pediatrics, neurology, neonatal cranial and adult abdominal. The L12-4s probe runs on the M7, M9 and TE7 Mindray ultrasound machines.

Mindray L73s linearultrasound transducer is designed for small organ, vascular, musculoskeletal, abdominal and pediatric imaging. The 7L3s probe has a 2-8 megahertz bandwidth and runs on the M7 and TE7 Mindray ultrasound machines.