GE Ultrasound Machines

GE Ultrasound Machines-GE Voluson-E6Innovation and imagination at work is the definition of General Electric. GE is an outstanding company that has developed numerous innovative products. At, we offer exceptional used GE ultrasound systems. The technology that GE provides is outstanding. With optimal results and clear images, GE ultrasound machines are a great form of medical imaging.

New & Used GE Ultrasound Equipment

National Ultrasound offers both new and used GE medical ultrasound machines, including console-operated ultrasound machines and portable machines that can be easily set up and operated in a number of locations. General Electric’s ultrasound division specializes in making machines for every niche of the market for medical ultrasound equipment, devising the best solutions for a wide range of medical fields, including, but not limited to:

  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Musculoskeletal
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiac
  • General Radiology

National Ultrasound’s competitive prices, and our guaranteed refurbished machines, mean that we can provide high quality equipment that can fit within your medical office’s tight budget. View our selection of GE medical ultrasound machines, or contact us today to learn which machine might be right for your practice or laboratory.GE Ultrasound Machines-GE Logiq-E9

GE Ultrasound Machines are Top Quality

National understands the difficulty in reviewing, selecting and purchasing medical equipment. Our used and reconditioned GE medical ultrasound equipment is completely and thoroughly inspected after repairs to make sure is it up to or exceeds the manufacturer standards. We offer a warranty on all of our systems and never work as a broker or middleman. We invite you to browse through our website to learn more about our excellent GE ultrasound machine prices and features.

Global Provider of GE Medical Ultrasound Systems

Search by brand (select “GE”) for medical ultrasound products that are priced for high-value, whether new or used ultrasound machine. We’re a global provider and thus are able to supply industry-leader manufactured ultrasound products at competitive prices. You can find out more by calling our toll free number and requesting a quote and other information on the GE ultrasound your healthcare facility needs. If you would prefer, you may go to the “Request a Quote” page, and complete the quote request form you’ll find there. We’ll reply to your request promptly and work with you on configuration and other details to provide the ultrasound technology that will best service your clinical environment.

Whether you are looking for compact or volume GE medical ultrasound, you’ll find a broad range of options here. View the specifications and let us know if you have questions.

Volume imaging has changed the face of ultrasound with volumetric analysis, multiplanar reconstruction and multislice imaging capabilities that have expanded the potential for diagnoses considerably and increased access to imaging data for more medical professionals. We carry many GE ultrasound options for volume imaging, including LOGIQ 9, VIVID 7 and Volusion models. In addition, our experts are versed in the specs and performance parameters of these products and can consult with you.

Compact imaging brings the advanced technology of LOGIQ, VIVID and Volusion wherever it needs to go, with portable systems from GE. With the portable miniature technology available to your clinics or patients wherever they are, you can make critical decisions at the point of care. See the options here with GE’s Logiqbook, Vivid e, Volusion e and other ultrasound products that travel.

GE Ultrasound Probes and Transducers

All of our products are backed by a guarantee. At, we only offer the most reliable brands and manufacturers. Choose from our wide selection of accessories including our incredible GE ultrasound probes. These probes are powerful and help produce quality images. To learn more about our probes and transducers, please browse through our website.