GE EchoPAC Software

GE’s EchoPAC is a clinical software package for viewing, analyzing, and reporting of multi-dimensional echo, vascular and abdominal ultrasound images. The EchoPAC Software provides basic and advanced viewing and quantitative analysis capabilities for 2D and multi-dimensional ultrasound parametric images from the GE Vivid line of ultrasound machines, as well as DICOM images from other ultrasound systems. EchoPAC extends the functionality of the GE Vivid product to an offline clinical workstation (PC). Through GE’s TruScan Raw Data Architecture, the EchoPAC displays exams with the original data sets from the Vivid 7, Vivid 3, Vivid 4, Vivid i, Vivid q, Vivid S5, Vivid S6, Vivid E9, and Vivid E9 with XDclear ultrasound machines. Users are able to analyze and manipulate exams as if the images were still on the ultrasound machine. In addition, DICOM images from other ultrasound machines can be easily viewed and analyzed within in the EchoPAC software.

Physical product includes: Installation CD, User manual, Installation manual, Container box, Option key (password) and Dongle for licensing (USB). For more information and pricing please contact National Ultrasound today!