Medical Ultrasound Equipment

Medical Ultrasound Equipment- GE Voluson-S6We stand behind all of our products and can assure you that they are just as dependable as brand new products, maybe even better! Our large selection of different styles and models give you a wide variety to choose from. We want to make sure that you find all of the used medical ultrasound equipment you’ll need to efficiently and affordably run your office. Without having to worry about thousands of dollars worth of debt, life can be less stressful.

As a certified dealer, all of our engineers are professional and more than qualified to repair and recondition used medical equipment. Ultrasound machines from every major brand can be found right here on our website, so browse through our selection to find something you like today!

Used Medical Ultrasound Equipment Considerations

At, we offer comprehensive used ultrasound listings on our website. We are always adding new, used, and reconditioned machines both online and to our Atlanta, Georgia showroom. By offering a wide selection of new and used medical ultrasound equipment, we are able to offer our customers the best machine for their application. We offer special deals, great warranties, excellent prices, and additional services on our equipment. Choose from specialized machines for applications like cardiac, transrectal, gynecology, obstetrics, vascular, and even abdominal. One of our professional, expert representatives can help you determine which system is ideal for your practice.

Our used medical ultrasound equipment is unmatched by all of our competitors. Some customers worry about receiving a used machine but we stand by all of our products and guarantee them with a warranty. Selling poor quality units will reflect poorly on us, so we deal in nothing but the best reconditioned machines. Our technicians are skilled at what they do and are flawless in their reconditioning. We’re so sure of our products that you won’t even recognize it as a used machine once it arrives!

Used Medical Ultrasound Equipment Saves Money

Medical Ultrasound Equipment-Toshiba ScreenDon’t think that one of the most important machines in your diagnostic arsenal has to be cost-prohibitive. We make it possible for you to purchase the finest lines in used ultrasound machines that will help you see what you need to see with the most high-quality images at the absolute lowest prices. We carry everything from portable ultrasounds to the most technologically complex cardiovascular machines and radiological ultrasound equipment, all reconditioned, all reliable, all warranted. We stand behind everything we sell. You can rest assured that when you are purchasing used medical ultrasound equipment from us you will be receiving the most trustworthy equipment at the best prices.

A way to reduce cost and offer top technology is by purchasing used medical ultrasound equipment, GE Ultrasound Probes and other accessories. At National Ultrasound, we deal with the top brands to ensure that each machine has been created to top specifications. We recondition each piece to reach its peak performance using OEM components and state of the art electronic tools. We repair and service the reconditioned ultrasound machines just as we would the new models.

For the consumer, this means that we can offer top technology with a brand name and peak performance at a fraction of the cost. All patients and doctors should have access to ultrasound diagnostic imaging within their budget. We offer a solution for whatever your practice or medical specialty is: Cardiac, Obstetric, Radiology, Urology, Vascular, or Veterinary. Call us today to talk to one of our sales engineers or request a free quote.