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Innofine JSM-221 Needle Guide For Mindray

The Mindray P7-3TE phased ultrasound transducer is a TEE probe. Imaging applications include: adult cardiac. This ultrasound transducer runs on the Mindray DC-8 console ultrasound machine.

The Mindray P7-3E phased ultrasound transducer is designed for adult cardiac, pediatric cardiac, TCD and adult abdominal diagnostic imaging applications. The P7-3E probe is a phased array, compatible with the Mindray DC-70 and DC-8 Expert console ultrasound machines.

Mindray P7-3Ts TEE phased ultrasound transducer has a 3-7 megahertz bandwidth. The P7-3Ts probe is designed for cardiac and transesophageal echo imaging applications and runs on the M7, M9 and TE7 ultrasound machines.

Mindray P7-3s phased array ultrasound transducer has 3-7 megahertz bandwidth. The P7-3s probe is for pediatric cardiac, adult cardiac, musculoskeletal, neonatal cranial, adult cranial, pediatrics, adult abdominal and veterinary imaging applications. Compatible with the Mindray M7 ultrasound machine.