Philips Ultrasound Machine

Philips Ultrasound Machine-Philips HD11The “givens” with National Ultrasound are: a like-new appearance and reliable, long term performance on pre-owned ultrasounds, refurbished to OEM standards and with new parts as needed. This is what you can simply expect with every model sold. But the exceptional cost-cutting, growing family of options here is what makes National Ultrasound stand apart.

As with every system sold here, the Philips-owned HP and ATL ultrasound systems make performance and budget sense. Compare prices here on a used Philips ultrasound machine; contact us to discuss your options and the solutions you can expect from National Ultrasound.

Let us know if you don’t see a system you’re looking for. Is your organization in the market for a Philips ultrasound machine or another imaging system? If so, please know that we sell new and pre-owned equipment from leading brands around the globe.

Medical Ultrasound Equipment For Less

If you’ve been in the market for medical ultrasound equipment for a while, you are surely aware that prices can vary between not only different models but also from retailer to retailer. At National Ultrasound, we offer custom quoting that may be a pleasant surprise to your inner shopper.

Philips Ultrasound Machine-Philips iU22We price all of our equipment, including the many models of the Philips ultrasound machine that we carry, competitively. We understand that while you need new equipment to keep your practice running smoothly, you may not be prepared to spend a lot to do so. Thus, we make sure that we offer many different models and brands to agree with practically every budget. From portable ultrasound equipment to the 3D and 4D models we have the machines you need!

Our Philips Ultrasound Machine = Affordable

The Philips ultrasound machine is quite possibly one of the machines that offers the best value. It is affordable while also offering a great deal of functionality, clarity, and accuracy. This makes it a perfect option for a professional shopping for lower budget medical ultrasound equipment. In addition to the features that you will get with a standard (even less expensive) brand of machine, you get the backing of the Philips name and a price tag that takes less weight from your wallet.

Shopping For Other Affordable Ultrasound Machines

While our Philips machine potentially offers the most value, we have several other types of equipment that are affordable as well. We carry the following brands: GE, Sonosite, Siemens, Sonoscape, Toshiba, ATL, and HP, just to name a few. You will find that while shopping for ultrasound devices is a challenging task and may take a good deal of time, once you’ve chosen the machine that will work best for you, the reward will be well worth the time and money spent.