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Ultrasound Machine

  • ge-versana-premier-ultrasound-machine

    GE Versana Premier

    The GE Versana Premier ultrasound machine is a new color console offering from GE Healthcare ...
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  • GE LOGIQ E10 Ultrasound Machine

    GE LOGIQ E10

    The GE LOGIQ E10 is the newest model in the LOGIQ line from GE Healthcare. ...
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  • Mindray-TE5-ultrasound-machine-for-sale

    Mindray TE5 Ultrasound Machine

    National Ultrasound carries the new Mindray TE5 ultrasound machine. This system is new to the ...
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  • Mindray DC-40 Ultrasound Machine For Sale

    Mindray DC-40 Ultrasound Machine

    The DC-40 makes ultrasound scanning accurate, efficient, and accessible with its auto-measurement tools, full application packages, and easy-to-follow onboard education software.

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  • Interson-SiMPLi-GP-C01-USB-ultrasound-probe-for-sale

    Interson SiMPLi GP-CO1 USB Ultrasound Probe

    This is a lightweight, handheld, portable ultrasound imaging system suitable for any point-of-care situation. Simply connect the USB probe cable directly into your desktop, laptop, or tablet running Windows OS. Its applications include abdominal, emergency department, general, OB/GYN, urology, and eFAST.

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  • interson-usb-ultrasound-probe-with-tablet

    Interson USB Ultrasound Probe with Tablet Computer

    We offer a bundle package that includes the Interson USB ultrasound probe with a tablet computer, keyboard, and customized imaging software. Choose between the Interson SiMPLi SP-L01 linear or the GP-C01 convex array usb probe. The linear usb probe is perfect for needle guidance, placing PICC lines and blocks while the convex one is great for FAST exams.

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  • Mindray M6 ultrasound machine from national ultrasound

    Mindray M6 Ultrasound Machine

    This color, portable Mindray M6 Ultrasound Machine is for general imaging applications, cardiac, and women’s care. It fits on a mobile cart next to a patient’s bedside and is easy to move from room to room.

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  • samsung hs70a with prime ultrasound machine for sale
    samsung hs70a with prime ultrasound machine

    Samsung HS70A with Prime Ultrasound Machine

    The Samsung HS70A with Prime Ultrasound Machine is a color console system that works for OB/GYN imaging applications. This Samsung ultrasound system comes with Realistic Vue, which displays high resolution 3D anatomy with details and realistic depth perception.

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  • samsung hs50 ultrasound machine
    samsung hs50 console ultrasound machine

    Samsung HS50 Ultrasound Machine

    The Samsung HS50 Ultrasound Machine has a 21.5-inch LCD backlit monitor, a 10.1-inch touchscreen, and a stable and dependable Solid State Drive (SSD) that provides faster boot-up time and better frame rates with swift processing speeds. It runs on ElastoScan, a diagnostic ultrasound technique for imaging elasticity.

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  • samsung HS60 ultrasound machine
    samsung hs60 color console ultrasound machine

    Samsung HS60 Ultrasound Machine

    The Samsung HS60 runs on the S-Vision imaging engine. It produces detailed resolution and tissue uniformity for numerous types of applications in general imaging. The innovative S-Harmonic technology in this Samsung ultrasound machine provides greater image uniformity from near to far field while at the same time reduces signal noise.

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  • sonoscape a5 ultrasound machine

    Sonoscape A5 Ultrasound Machine

    The Sonoscape A5 ultrasound equipment is a black & white portable ultrasound machine with an image quality of high-end cart-based black & white ultrasound systems. This fully digital HCU system has a comfortable, user friendly design, and two active transducer connectors. It provides a wide range of patient data solutions.

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  • sonoscape x3 ultrasound machine
    sonoscape x3 ultrasound machine on mobile cart

    Sonoscape X3 Ultrasound Machine

    The Sonoscape X3 Portable Ultrasound Machine is extremely lightweight and small with a laptop design. Its improved image quality gives increased diagnosis accuracy and less scanning time. Features include multi-beam processing technology, spatial compound imaging, μ-Scan image processing technology, and pure inversion harmonic imaging.

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