Mindray Imagyn i9 Ultrasound Machine

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The Mindray Imagyn i9 is Mindray’s newest console ultrasound machine. The Imagyn i9 is designed for high level OB/GYN imaging. Powered by Mindray’s ZONE Sonography Technology (ZST), the system boasts advanced ultrasound capabilities that provide a harmonic balance resolution and tissue uniformity. The Imagyn i9 includes a suite of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enhanced technologies that improve reproducibility, optimizes productivity and increases consistency for end users. The AI technology uses auto clinical scenario identification. This console ultrasound machine and standard probes include a 5 year warranty. Specialty probes including but not limited to 4D Volume probes. National Ultrasound offers this machine with 1 hour of online training and 1 day of onsite training included.

Innovative Design Features:

  • Intelligent iConsole control panel
  • Customizable E-Ink keys
  • Fully free-floating user interface (minimize fatigue)
  • Modular deisgn for convenient serviceability
  • 2-hour continuous scanning battery
  • Quit operating experience

Flexible Design:

  • Minimum height 39.3″ for easy transport
  • 55cm body width, easy door pass, quick access across clinical departments
  • Elevated transducer ports for comfortable connecting
  • Light indicating probe activation

Smart Features:

  • Smart Planes CNS
  • Smart Planes FH
  • Smart Face
  • Smart ICV
  • Smart Scene 3D
  • Smart OB
  • Smart NT
  • Smart Fetal HR
  • Smart FLC
  • Smart Pelvic




USA Power Cord, Accessory Kit, Probe Holder Assembly, Towelette Holder, Baskets, PC Keyboard(International/NA), Software, CW Module, Pedoff probe port, Built-in Wireless Adapter, Battery module(2h), Gel Warmer, ECG Module, 6Pin 3-Lead ECG Cable,IEC, DC IN Cable, 4D and TEE Module, Shared Service Package: Abdomen/General Package, Obstetrics Package, Gynecology Package, Cardiology Package, Small Parts Package, Urology Package,Vascular Package, Pediatrics Package, Nerve Package, Emergency & Critical, Package, Pelvic Floor Package, DICOM Basic, DICOM Worklist, DICOM MPPS, DICOM Query/Retrieve, DICOM OB/GYN SR, DICOM Vascular SR, DICOM Cardiac SR, DICOM, Breast SR, DICOM Abdomen SR, DICOM Small Parts SR, Glazing Flow, iClear+ & Dongle, iWorks, IVF, Security package, McAfee, 5 year warranty

  • 3D/4D
  • Family Practice
  • OB-GYN
  • Smart Trace
  • iScape View
  • Contrast Imaging
  • Contrast Imaging QA
  • Strain Elastography
  • STE
  • STQ
  • iNeedle
  • Smart 3D
  • iPage+
  • STIC
  • SCV+
  • Smart Volume
  • Smart V Trace
  • Color 3D
  • Niche
  • iLive
  • Smart Planes CNS
  • Smart Planes FH\
  • Smart Face
  • Smart ICV
  • Smart Scene 3D
  • Smart OB
  • Smart NT
  • Smart Fetal HR
  • Smart FLC
  • Smart Pelvic
  • Endocavity STE
  • SC6-1s Single Crystal Convex (1.2-6 MHz)
  • SC8-2s Single Crystal Convex (1.8-8.2 MHz)
  • C6-2Gs Convex (1.2-6 MHz)
  • V11-3Hs Endocavity Convex (3-11 MHz)
  • SD8-1s Single Crystal Volume (1.8-8.2 MHz)
  • DE11-3Ws Endocavity Volume (2-9 MHz)
  • DVD-RW
  • Sony UP-X898MD Black and White Printer