Mindray MX8 CV Ultrasound Machine

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The Mindray MX8 CV Ultrasound Machine is a specialty specific system designed for advanced cardiovascular imaging. The Mindray MX8 CV is one of the thinnest and lightest ultrasound machines on the market at 1.7 inches thick 6.6 lbs. It has intuitive user experience with a customizable touchscreen and patient information management station. The MX8 CV is powered by Mindray’s Zone ZST technology.


ZST+ Platform, 15.6-inch LED wide monitor, B/M/Color/Color M/Power/Directional Power Doppler Flow Imaging, HD Scope, Pulse Wave Doppler (includes High Pulsed Repitition Frequency), PSHTM (Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging), iBeamTM (Spatial Compounding Imaging), iClearTM (Speckle Suppression Imaging), iTouchTM (Auto Image Optimization), iZoomTM (Full Screen View), Echo BoostTM, HDR Flow (High Dynamic Range Flow), HR Flow (High Resolution Flow), Basic Dicom, iWorksTM (Standardized Workflow Protocol), Cyber-security, McAfee Anti-Virus software, 256GB Solid State Hard Disk & iStationTM Patient Information Management, HDMI Output and USB 3.0 Ports, AC Adapter and Lithium-ion Battery Pack (Built-in Main Unit), NA Power cord, keyboard defend film, Traveling Case, 5 Year Warranty

  • Cardiology
  • Internal Medicine

Free Xros CMTM
TDI Quantification Analysis Software
Stress Echo (ECG should be configured at the same time)
iVocal (voice command)
DVR (Digital Video Recorder)

SP5-1Ns Phased array transducer
P8-2s Phased array transducer
P10-4s Phased array transducer
P7-3Ts Phased array transducer
CW2s Non-imaging transducer
L12-3RCs Linear array transducer
L9-3s Linear array transducer
SC5-1Ns Convex array transducer

  • 1D Bar Code Scanner
  • B/W Digital thermal printer
  • Carrying case
  • Cart