Fun Sculpting Liposuction Machine

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    The Fun Sculpting Liposuction machine offers the latest advancement in body sculpting. Learn more about how we can help you earn significant cash in the new economy with your existing patient base. Are you performing minimally invasive cosmetic procedures? Have you considered adding cosmetic procedures to your practice? We offer the Fun Sculpting Liposuction machine complete with Certification, Training and Support! We are all well aware of the rapid decline in managed care reimbursements. Our Fun Sculpting Liposuction machine generates excellent cash based revenues with your existing patient base, this is a turn key solution.

    Technical Features:

    • Harmonic vibration of hand piece produces a 3 direction movement at the tip of the cannula:  in/out, up/down, side/side
    • Fastest mechanism of infiltration in the world
    • Most efficient aspiration rate:  3-6 Liters per hour
    • Vibration creates cannula course of 6-10 mm per stroke
    • Vibration decreases pain due to the Gate Control Theory of Pain
    • Ease of penetration through fibrous tissue, post surgical scars, and secondary liposuction 
    • Vibration of cannula maintains tissue integrity by not damaging supporting structures
    • Superior re-adaptation of skin due to stimulation of fibroblasts and mechanical skin tightening
    • No patient upper limit BMI
    • Vibration Assisted Liposculpture with no heat

    Key Advantages for Physicians:

    • 40% faster than other technology
    • Can treat any patient regardless of BMI
    • Remarkable de-bulking ability
    • High level of precision allows physician to focus on results
    • Significantly less fatigue
    • Re-treatments are reduced significantly

    Competitive Edge:

    • Safest product on the market for all patient types
    • Fastest infiltration and aspiration rate
    • No heat and no risk of burns
    • Lowest disposable cost in the industry
    • Increased patient tolerability
    • Increased volume per case
    • Less risk and increased safety because of shortened procedure time
    • Shorter total procedure time
    • Repetitive motion of hand piece yields exceedingly smooth results
    • Better penetration of fibrous tissue and scar tissue

    Key Advantages to Patient:

    • Gentle vibration increases patient comfort
    • The patient can stand for abdominal etching and verification of symmetry
    • Patient can visually inspect the dynamic results  
    • Minimal bruising and less downtime
    • Excellent skin tightening
    • Vibration assisted analgesia helps to reduce discomfort for up to 36 hours post procedure

    Increased safety because no sedation is required for patient comfort