InnoFine JSM-098 Ultrasound Needle Guide For Toshiba

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National Ultrasound sells the InnoFine JSM-098 Ultrasound Needle Guide for Toshiba. This reusable needle guide is made of high-grade, corrosion-resistant medical stainless steel and accurately supports angle-adjusted biopsy procedures. The JSM-098 is designed to be easy to operate and to firmly attach to the transducer.


  • For use with the Toshiba PSK-25AT, PSM-25AT, PSM-30BT, PSM-37AT, PSM-37CT, PSM-50AT, PSM-70AT, PSN-25AT, PSN-37AT, PSN-37CT, PSN-50AT, and PSN-70AT phased array transducers
  • Guide channel length: 3.5cm
  • Suitable for needles 11-23 gauge


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  • Toshiba PSK-25AT
  • Toshiba PSM-25AT
  • Toshiba PSM-30BT
  • Toshiba PSM-37AT
  • Toshiba PSM-37CT
  • Toshiba PSM-50AT
  • Toshiba PSM-70AT
  • Toshiba PSN-25AT
  • Toshiba PSN-37AT
  • Toshiba PSN-37CT
  • Toshiba PSN-50AT
  • Toshiba PSN-70AT