Simpli Picc Ultrasound Machine

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The Simpli Picc Ultrasound includes a touch screen tablet with specialized software and a USB ultrasound transducer (linear array ideal for blocks or vascular access (with frequencies of 5MHz, 7.5 MHz and 10MHz) with a button control (can be used for sterile environment). The software allows you to stream vital signs and other health related data, stream your scan in real time to any internet connected device in the world with little delay. The system is also able to display vital signs read from the server, in real time, on its screen while a scan is being performed. Doppler can be accessed by toggling the probe’s button. User interface is 100% touch-based. With it you can access functionalities such as taking pictures, recording video, loading different configurations, accessing reference files or simply changing any ultrasound setting such as brightness, contrast, frequency or depth.

Product Highlights:

    • Portable
    • Light weight
    • High Resolution
    • Live Vital Signs
    • HIPAA Compliant Reports
    • Video and Image Storage
    • Local or Cloud Storage
    • Save Unlimited Presets
    • Reference Anatomy Plates
    • Many Customizable Features
    • FDA / CE Certified
    • Meet all your Nerve Block needs in the Field, Clinic or Operating Room
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