Ultrasound Paper

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    Ultrasound Paper

    Ultrasound systems need to use a specific type of paper for printing out images. The synthetic paper has a thermal layer, one on which the image is laid. Browse our selections of ultrasound paper to see which is right for your machine. 

    Criteria For Ultrasound Thermal Paper And Different Types

    When purchasing ultrasound paper, it needs to have a few qualities. Some may vary depending on your printing needs, and how long you intend to store these images. Always check for them before placing your order:

    Printer Compatibility

    Is your thermal paper usable with the printer that you have connected to an ultrasound machine? Some of the material needs to match the machine features and settings, depending on the brand. For example, if you have a Sony or a Mitsubishi ultrasound printer, you want paper that can run through 

    Paper Grade

    There are three potential types of thermal grade paper that you can receive: standard, high density, and high glossy. Manufacturers categorize them by the layers of different material on the paper base. The more layers that a particular type of paper has, the longer that it will last. 

    Standard and high density paper have a back coat, yupo paper, thermal coat, and overcoat. A high glossy grade has a gross coat as well as a high cleaning coat to increase the paper’s durability. It also has a more polished finish.  

    Greyscale And Wetfold Durability

    You want images and paper that will last for a long time. The clarity must also be clear with different tones, so that medical professionals can note abnormalities in various areas. Images need realistic renderings of organs, and as close to the original scan as possible. 

    A greyscale examination will illustrate the clarity of the images in black and white. High-quality paper will achieve the desired tones after printing. The test will also measure gradation, and if it is close to the industry standards for the type of paper. 

    A wetfold test sees how long a sheet of thermal paper can last. It sees how water, fingerprints, and ultrasound gel may smudge an image printed on a particular brand’s product. The pages also can’t stick together if put in contact with a liquid. 

    Telepaper and Premium O-Grade will last for up to seven years. Middle-range grade paper will, in contrast, only last for three years. If possible, go with Telepaper and Premium O-Grade because they guarantee that the image will be clear and detailed with a greyscale. 

    Invest In Thermal Papers From National Ultrasound

    National Ultrasound knows how essential ultrasound supplies are for various medical facilities. In addition to paper and medical wipes, we also retail new ultrasound machines while refurbishing secondhand options. You can get a device that fits your budget while providing the same amount of value. 

    To learn more about compatibility and the types of papers required for a scan, please reach out to us today. National Ultrasound is ready to pair you up with the ideal thermal paper that will render images from your ultrasound printer.