Reconditioning Process For Used Ultrasound Equipment

Quality of Used Ultrasound Systems and the Reconditioning Process:

All of our reconditioned ultrasound equipment re-enters the marketplace in the same physical and cosmetic condition asused ultrasound reconditioning process when it was new. In other words during the reconditioning process: we repair, replace, or repaint any part piece that shows any wear at all. For all reconditioned electronic components, we repair, replace, or upgrade any part that is not functioning to the specification level as designed by the manufacturer.  Additionally, all equipment is thoroughly tested and double checked by National Ultrasound during the process.  We document the systems performance and make sure that it is working and 100% ready before you receive it.

Availability of Used Ultrasound Equipment:

The majority of the used ultrasound equipment we quote is available for immediate shipment.  Occasionally we will quote a system that we do not have in our inventory but is on its way in, but we will keep you posted on the status of your system.

Reconditioning Process-Medison Mysono-u5 Portable UltrasoundService of Ultrasound Machines Post Sale/Warranty:

We belong to a large network of independent service organizations (ISO) of qualified service engineers.  There are several of these groups in your area and we can guarantee both the on-site response times and the quality of work provided to meet or exceed the same standard as measured by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM.) In rare instances where we do not have an ISO contact, we maintain good standing relationships with all OEMs and could use their service organizations as a last resort.

Guarantee of Workmanship and Representation:

Our sales quotation and order acknowledgement is our contract and a guarantee for us to deliver the specific equipment as ordered. Our terms of payment are very conservative in that we only require a 50% deposit (or 2 advance lease payments if using us for leasing) to begin the delivery process, and you are not required to send the balance until after delivery and final acceptance of the equipment at your location. Our warranties and service guarantees are very clearly spelled out so you know exactly what you are getting.


Please contact us if you would like a reference list of recent customers to contact. In addition to many end users who can verify the way we do business, we can also provide you with OEM contacts who will confirm our relationship as good and long standing customers, and reputable service providers.

Reconditioning ProcessWe are not a Broker or middle man:

We will take full responsibility for any of the equipment we sell. We will not pass the buck and blame problems or issues on other people. We are entirely responsible for your ultrasound equipment and we welcome that responsibility.

Warranties and Service Contracts:

A logical sign of the quality of equipment that someone sells is how they are willing to stand behind it.  All of our equipment comes with a warranty and we want the opportunity to provide you with service contracts for the equipment we sell you for as long as you own it. We are able to do this because we are completely confident in the reconditioned equipment we sell and our ability to support it to the same or higher standard that the OEM did when it was first delivered as new equipment.

Reconditioned vs. New:

Our ultrasound machines that have gone through the reconditioning process are “like new.” It will come with a warranty and we will provide service contract for your ultrasound equipment just like the OEMs. Additionally, our equipment has the same level of diagnostic performance and thus medical reimbursements as a new ultrasound machine. When you combine this with our reconditioned ultrasound equipment being 20-40% less costly than new, you greatly improve the economics of your equipment investment and put more money on your bottom line since you purchase smarter.

Reconditioned-Buy More, or by the Same for Less:

Since we can sell for less than new equipment, you can look at your reconditioned equipment purchase in one of two ways:
1. Buy More—you can buy a better ultrasound for the same amount of money.
2. Buy the Same for Less—or you can by the same ultrasound for less money.
Either way, you come out the winner.

Reconditioned-Doesn’t Mean Lack of Manufacturer Limitations:

National Ultrasound’s reconditioning process doesn’t limit which ultrasound systems we can sell you or which ultrasound manufacturers we are going to push.  In each and every situation we are going to either try to sell you either the market leader for your particular application, or the system that you are already familiar with and specifically ask. Either way you get the best possible ultrasound system for your particular application or your operational background, which translates into a better system for you.