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Refurbished machines operate like new, thanks to our team’s repairs. Our website lists all the ultrasound equipment and supplies for quotes and orders. Place a quotation on any GE Vivid or VScan machine.

Peruse a wide selection of portable ultrasound systems, refurbished ultrasound scanners, superior transducers, replacement parts, and great accessories. Choose from high-quality original equipment manufacturers like Aspen, GE, Ultramark, Philips, HP, Logiq, Nemio, and many more. We invite you to browse our used Toshiba ultrasound equipment for sale or contact us today for an equipment quote.

Refurbished Ultrasound Scanners, Portable Ultrasound Systems, And More

Most, if not all, medical professionals wish to get their job done as precisely and efficiently as possible. However, many find that to provide optimal patient results; they must first invest in costly medical equipment.

Our used and reconditioned ultrasound equipment prices are always reasonable. We offer a competitive warranty, economical pricing, and superior-quality products. Compare different manufacturers’ warranties on linear probes.

Suppose you are looking for portable equipment, cardiovascular ultrasound machines, radiology systems, state-of-the-art transducers, color photo printers, multi-format cameras, and more. In that case, we have the ideal solution for you. Choose from new, used, or refurbished ultrasound scanners, machines, and accessories. Our warranty backs all our products, and we know you will be satisfied.

Refurbished Ultrasound Scanners And Accessories

The accuracy of ultrasounds is relied on by medical professionals everywhere. This diagnostic imaging technology offers real-time images and is noninvasive. This procedure provides physicians with the images needed to determine a diagnosis.

Ultrasounds are painless procedures that provide exceptional images. In a needle biopsy, an ultrasound sound machine guides showing where to extract sample cells for laboratory testing. Ultrasound can also guide procedures, image the breasts, and diagnose various heart conditions. offers a comprehensive collection of new, used, and reconditioned ultrasound equipment. Our state-of-the-art equipment is produced by only the best manufacturers and repaired by professional, expert engineers. You can receive the best prices on these machines.

Our website honors warranties on all our products, including our used and refurbished ultrasound scanners. Each one promises reliable performance within your clinic or facility.

Choose from great manufacturers like Siemens, GE, HP, Philips, Cypress, Aspen, Acuson, and Toshiba. Receive an accurate diagnosis of new and used Toshiba ultrasound equipment at fantastic prices.

Quality Control With Refurbished Systems

Our used medical ultrasound equipment is all thoroughly repaired, inspected, and tested before being distributed. We use only professional, expert engineers to refurbish our systems. From battery replacement to probe repairs, our team does it all.

Each system meets or exceeds the original equipment manufacturer’s standards. With each system being meticulously reconditioned, we can ensure only the highest quality products. In addition, we offer warranties for a variety of periods.

Reconditioned Ultrasound Systems: Quality Of New

If you have any questions, we would love to assist you in selecting, ordering, and purchasing your ideal system. We offer a wide variety of new, used, and reconditioned ultrasound equipment for you to choose from at the best price.

Dedicated to our clients, National Ultrasound delivers only exceptional service and products. Our collection includes professional accessories like transducers, printers, or cameras. We offer additional services on our refurbished ultrasound scanners to help ensure your equipment is consistently producing optimal imaging results.

Research Any Refurbished Ultrasound Machine At National Ultrasound

At, we offer much more than a used ultrasound sale. Our machines offer good image quality for viewing different organs and conducting biopsies in real time. Find specialized transducers and basic systems that stay within your budget.

We invite you to browse our comprehensive list of articles and our detailed website or visit our Atlanta, Georgia, showroom. Our website is complete with valuable articles about ultrasounds and medical ultrasonography.