Ultrasound Machine Rental

Ultrasound Machine Rental

At National Ultrasound we have focused on creating a truly customer-centric rental program. We listened to our customers and have developed a risk-free, painless and flexible solution–the GOLD CASH BACK Rental Program. This program features–No mandatory long-term contracts, no purchase requirements, no inflated down payment and an option to earn cash back toward future service, rentals, and purchases! The Gold Cash Back Rental Program is:

RISK-FREE—-Many physicians, instructional institutions and veterinarians identify cost as a major barrier to entry into diagnostic ultrasound. It’s difficult to block off resources for the allocation of a new machine, not to mention, rapidly advancing ultrasound technology can make finding the right time to buy even more daunting. Our GOLD CASH BACK Rental Program makes this easier by:

  • Allowing you to test equipment in your practice with NO purchase commitment
  • Start generating revenue immediately with very minimal up-front costs
  • Earn up to 10% cash back toward the purchase of new equipment

PAINLESS—-We often encounter customers who are hanging on to old, outdated, inadequate or failing equipment. Who could blame them? Initial costs are high, not only in capital investment, but also the resources spent learning a new machine and training staff. With so much invested, there is a tendency to become attached to the equipment. When that equipment goes down, many offices find themselves turning patients away until repairs can be made. Our GOLD CASH BACK Rental Program makes this easier by:

  • Covering your practice in the event your current equipment goes down
  • Easing the transition away from old or obsolete equipment
  • Earn up to 10% cash back toward the repair or replacement of existing equipment

FLEXIBLE—-Our customers are looking for solutions that meet their specific needs, and there are times when purchasing new equipment is not the best fit. Perhaps a busy week of scanning is coming up and having a second machine in place would ease the workload? Maybe you are traveling to a conference and would prefer a lightweight portable unit for the trip? What if your ultrasound needs are seasonal, short-term or temporary? Your current equipment works fine, but you’d simply like the opportunity to evaluate the newest technology? Our GOLD CASH BACK Rental Program makes this easier by:

  • Offering rental contracts for as little as 1 week
  • Huge on hand inventory and same day shipping available
  • Earn up to 10% cash back toward your next equipment rental or purchase

We carry equipment from all major ultrasound manufacturers and are offering rental options on everything from budget portables to high end 4D cardiac console machines. Our expert sales staff can assist you with selecting the machine / rental that’s right for you! Call today or submit the form below for a free price quote!

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