Used Toshiba Ultrasound Machines

Used Toshiba Ultrasounds-Toshiba Nemio 20One of our particularly exceptional products is the used Toshiba ultrasound machines.At, we offer both new and used machines. This equipment is state-of-the-art. We offer a warranty that meets the standards of the original equipment manufacturer’s warranty.

Ultrasounds are vastly used in the medical world. This diagnostic imaging technique is used to visualize muscles and internal organs. The body is exposed to high-frequency sound waves. These specific waves produce the images of the body parts. There are numerous types of medical ultrasonography including obstetric sonography. This type of medical ultrasonography is used during pregnancy.

In addition, the ultrasound is a useful way of examining other internal organs including but limited to the:

  • bladder
  • spleen
  • kidneys
  • gallbladder
  • heart, blood vessels, aorta
  • uterus, ovaries, fetus
  • thyroid and parathyroid glands
To view these numerous organs, it is ideal that you utilize a high performance ultrasound.

Used Toshiba Ultrasounds- Toshiba Viamo with Cart

Used Toshiba ultrasound machines warranty

At, we only offer the best manufacturers and products. Choose from our extensive collection of used Toshiba ultrasound equipment. All of our new and used Toshiba ultrasound equipment comes with a great warranty to ensure that you receive only the best product. We used outstand service engineers to produce quality work. We guarantee that all of our machines will operate to the highest level. Whether you select a used Toshiba ultrasound system or other name brand, our products meet or exceed the standards of the original equipment manufacturer.

Used Toshiba ultrasound system: shop online or visit our showroom

At National Ultrasound, we offer our customers the choice of purchasing online or visiting our Atlanta, Georgia showroom. Our clients have the option of selecting and comparing our HP, Siemens, GE, and even Philips ultrasound machine systems. By speaking with a qualified representative, our client will be able to determine the exact system for their needs. We invite you to browse through our comprehensive collection of Toshiba ultrasound machine and other reconditioned ultrasound systems.