Benefits for performing liposuction in your practice

Using Vibration Assisted Liposuction- High Definition Lipo™

What is Vibration Assisted Liposuction or High Definition Lipo™?

  • Vibration powered by electricity
  • 2 Steps:
    • Multi- Hub Infiltration and emulsification of adipose tissue.
    • Aspiration- 40% more efficient then traditional liposuction.
  • Mechanical vibration yields reliable results
  • Rapid de-bulking
  • High precision—High Definition Lipo™


There are many differences between Vibration Assisted Liposuction and other competitors. Vibration assisted is powered by electricity, that means there is no heat involved in the procedure, making it safer.  Many other benefits include: vibration creates cannula course of 6-10 mm, superior re-adaptation of skin due to mechanical stimulation, efficient de-bulking and high precision sculpting, any zone including fibrous areas, no upper limit BMI, diminished physician fatigue, decreased patient trauma, vibration decreases patient pain. Direct benefits of vibration include: most complete dispersion of tumescent fluid, faster, superior re-adaptation of skin/mechanical skin tightening, physician ease of use, decreased pain—Vibration stimulated analgesia, respects tissue integrity. One major benefit is that vibration increases efficiency – it facilitates more fat penetration and removal at 2.6-6 liters per hour.