Handheld Ultrasounds

Buying a Handheld Ultrasound Machine

Handheld Ultrasounds

Handheld ultrasound machines allow clinicians to perform easy point of care ultrasound scans in just about any location imaginable. These pocket-sized units are packed full of features and functionality that make them an indispensable diagnostic tool for clinicians who require an ultrasound on the go.

How to Choose the Best Handheld Ultrasound for Your Practice

Ultrasound machines are a significant investment. How do you choose the best ultrasound machine to suit your needs?

Some common questions we ask customers are what features are you looking for in a handheld ultrasound? What type of application will the ultrasound unit be used for? For instance, will it be used for cardiac, urology, OB/GYN, Veterinary, etc.? Do you need a basic handheld Doppler ultrasound or 2D capabilities? What scan depth do you require? Do you require a handheld ultrasound scanner to assist in guidance procedures?  Identifying the answers to these types of questions will help guide you to a unit that suits your needs.

Evaluating Handheld Ultrasounds Machines

With multiple handheld ultrasound units on the market that offer a variety of features, functionality, and price it can be difficult to narrow it down to just one unit. Whether you’re looking at new or used or refurbished handheld ultrasound there is a variety on the market and working with an expert to help match you with the right unit at the right price. National Ultrasound’s team of experts, made up of experienced sonographers has put together recommendations for handheld portable ultrasound equipment. Each of these units comes with different levels of technology, features, functionality, and price points.

Our Recommendations for Handheld Ultrasounds

Chison SonoEye Handheld Ultrasound

CHISON sonoeye handheld ultrasound machinesThe Chison SonoEye probes, paired with a Samsung Galaxy tablet, become a complete handheld ultrasound system. It is great for initial diagnosis in point of care settings. The main applications of the SonoEye are emergency medicine, anesthesiology, surgery, physical therapy and general imaging. It’s very light weight and user friendly with five probe models to choose from, including:

  • Convex for abdominal imaging
  • Micro-convex for pediatrics and small parts
  • Phased array for cardiovascular
  • And two linear probes with seven and a half MHz frequency, one with 30mm scan head and the other with 40mm for smalls parts, vascular and msk applications

The Chison SonoEye has superior image quality and penetration when comparing it to other popular handheld devices in the market and includes a 5 year warranty, carry case and a SonoEye APP user license. Learn more and request a quote here.

Philips Lumify Handheld Ultrasound

Philips Lumify UltrasoundPhilips Lumify is a mobile app that works with an ultrasound transducer that brings diagnostic capabilities to your compatible smartphone or handheld device.

The Lumify Ultrasound is designed to help you confidently and quickly assess patients. It enhances image quality by using advanced technology and imaging algorithms to automatically adjust, creating an exceptional, high-quality image. Furthermore, it allows you to easily fine-tune scans, if needed, by adjusting parameters such as depth, gain, power, and color through a simple and intuitive multi-touch interface.

With Philips Lumify, high-quality portable ultrasound imaging is available almost anywhere. Just subscribe, download the Lumify app, plug in the transducer, and you’re set. The app is available on compatible Android smart devices via the Google Play Store. This unit includes a 5 year warranty. Learn more or request a quote for Philips Lumify Ultrasound

GE Vscan Air Wireless Ultrasound Machine

GE Vscan Air™ ultrasound machine is a wireless, battery-operated general-purpose diagnostic ultrasound imaging system. ge-vscan-air-ultrasound-machineThis unit consists of a dual-headed probe which integrates both curved and linear array transducers, and an app which can be installed on Android™ or iOS® mobile devices. While the Vscan Air unit is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand it is packed with capabilities such as wireless image export, a cloud-based platform that provides access to triage applications, guided workflow, and reports.

This handheld ultrasound unit is extremely portable and easy to use with applications that can be downloaded for imaging such as bladder volume and assessment of lung function protocol.

The Vscan Air Wireless Probe provides basic or focused assessments for physicians that can be utilized along with other medical data for clinical diagnostic purposes during routine periodic monitoring and triage assessments for adult and pediatric patients. Vscan Air can also be used for guidance during placement procedures such as needle or catheter placement. Included with this unit is 45 minutes of eClinical support and a 3 year warranty. Learn more about the GE Vscan Air Wireless Probe Ultrasound Machine or request a quote.

GE Vscan Extend Dual Probe Ultrasound Machine

GE Vscan Extend Dual Probe Ultrasound MachineGE’s Vscan Extend Dual Probe is a highly efficient general-purpose diagnostic handheld ultrasound imaging system. The dual transducer features both a sector and linear scanning, color flow imaging, a 70-degree field of view, and max 24cm scan depth.   This hand-held, light-weight Vscan Dual Probe is highly portable and convenient. With its simplified user interface, it can be easily transported to patients for efficient examinations.

The information transmitted by the Vscan Dual Probe can be used for focused or basic assessments and when combined with other medical data, the GE Vscan Dual Probe can be used for shallow or deep diagnostic imaging to provide useful information in clinical diagnostic procedures, routine monitoring and assessments in adult and pediatric patients.

The Cloud-based ecosystem provides access to guided workflow, triage applications and reports. Downloadable applications such as bladder volume and lung protocols provide increased accuracy and deliver faster results.  The Vscan Extend Dual Probe is an excellent tool in providing procedural guidance for needle and catheter placement. This unit includes a one-hour online training session and a 3 year warranty.  Learn more about the GE Vscan Extend Dual Probe Ultrasound Machine or request a quote.

Interson SiMPLi SP-L01 USB Ultrasound Transducer

The Interson SiMPLi SP-L01 USB Ultrasound Probe transforms your laptop or tablet into a point of care ultrasound imaging system. Interson-SiMPLi-SP-L01-USB Ultrasound TransducerThe Interson SP-L01 transducer features 2D, linear array, color flow imaging, a 10cm scan depth, and 5-10 MHz scan frequency. The transducer can easily connect to a desktop, laptop, or tablet running Windows OS through a USB port. The SiMPLi SP-L01 applications include cardiac, OB/GYN, abdominal, urology, vascular, and eFAST.

This revolutionary USB-based portable handheld ultrasound device is suitable for any point-of-care situation. This unit includes a 2 year warranty. Learn more about the SiMPLi SP-L01 USB Probe.

Interson SiMPLi GP-C01 USB Ultrasound Transducer

Interson-SiMPLi-GP-C01-USB Ultrasound TransducerEasily convert your Laptop or tablet into a point of care ultrasound with the Interson SiMPLi GP-C01 USB Ultrasound Probe.  This probe features 2D, curved array form factor, color flow imaging, 21cm scan depth, 3.5-7.5 MHz scan frequency, over full depth range focus dynamic, and a 60 degree scan angle. Plug the Simpli GP-C01 transducer into the USB port of your laptop or tablet running Windows OS to handle all of your point-of-care imaging needs.

The SiMPLi SP-L01 applications include Abdominal, Emergency, General, OB/GYN, Pelvic, Urology, and eFAST. This USB-based portable handheld imaging device is suited for any point-of-care ultrasound imaging need. This unit includes a 2 year warranty. Learn more about the SiMPLi GP-C01 USB Probe or request a quote.

Handheld point of care ultrasound has aided medical professionals in providing a higher level of care to their patients. Units small enough to fit in the palm of your hand that pack as much power as larger laptop or console units is a testament to the advancements in ultrasound technology. While there are other handheld point of care ultrasounds on the market the above units were selected by our team of professionals, who also are experienced sonographers as quality units deserving of review.

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