Cardiovascular Ultrasound Machines For Sale

There are many types of ultrasound units that are specially equipped for Cardiovascular Studies. These units are a worthwhile investment for any lab, office, or hospital due to the noninvasive and faster diagnosis tools that they offer. Depending on location and environment, there are many different models of Cardiovascular Ultrasounds to choose from ranging in size, price, and technology. GE offers a series of Cardiovascular Ultrasounds within their GE Vivid line.

The Vivid e and T8 are entry-level models that offer a convenient and affordable solution. The Vivid e unit is a laptop-sized system that offers convenient mobility. With comprehensive cardiac functionality, you can use Vivid e as either a primary or secondary diagnostic system. In addition to the non-imaging CW pedoff transducer, this unit is equipped with several wonderful tools such as multi image view, integrated reporting, as well as a comprehensive measurement and analysis package. The Vivid T8 unit is similar to the Vivid e when it comes to portability. It weighs only 58 kilograms (128 pounds) and is easy to push and roll in any type of location. The Vivid T8 has an array of quantitative tools to help improve its cardiac imaging capabilities. These features include capabilities such as Tissue Velocity Imaging and the ability to automatically assess left ventricular ejection fraction using a speckle tracking ROI tool.

The Vivid S5 and S6 units are mid range models. The Vivid S5 unit offers economical space design and versatile applications. This machine is a high-performance ultrasound system made for cardiovascular and shared services applications. In addition, it features one touch, optimized image quality for challenging patients. In order to help obtain high quality images, the Vivid S6 provides several special tools such as ultra-high frame rates, dual focus, Speckle Reduction Imaging and Coded Phased Inversion Harmonics. This unit also adds many shared-service capabilities to its already impressive list of features. The Vivid i and q units are also mid range models. The Vivid i is created for cardiovascular imaging, abdominal, small-parts, perioperative monitoring and 2D ICE imaging. It boasts new imaging technology such as Ultra Definition image optimization algorithms, Smart Depth, Adaptive Reject and Wide Aperture. This unit is also ultra portable and convenient when it comes to mobility. The Vivid q builds upon the exceptional features of the Vivid i but adds more performance and quantitative analysis tools. This unit allows clinician to assess LV function and cardiac performance with clarity and accuracy. This machine is also compact and is equipped with 16 probes.

The Vivid E9 and E9 with XDclear are GE’s high end models and were created for cardiovascular 4D imaging. This unit allows imaging of the entire heart in a single beat and
allows clinicians to image a valve or the entire ventricle. The E9 also provides tools including
4D Stress, Polar Vision, Depth Illumination and advanced ergonomics. In addition,
the XDclear transducer technology provides the color sensitivity needed for visualization
of pulmonary vein inflow.

All of these models have different features that will benefit various practices and clinicians. At National Ultrasound, we can steer you in the right direction and help make the
best choice while considering cost, technology, and portability. Contact us today for information, estimates, and answers to any ultrasound questions you may have.