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Getting to Know the GE LOGIQ V5 Ultrasound Machine

As a medical facility, it is always important to be certain your office has the best possible training and equipment available so that providing an accurate diagnosis for your patient family is easily accomplished. As a result, you go to training classes, attend seminars, and pay attention to any advancements in technology or understanding of ailments. All of these are important to ensuring that your staff has the knowledge they need and your patients have quality care.

At National Ultrasound, we recognize the value of having the right equipment for diagnoses and offer a wide selection of ultrasound systems to ensure that your office gets the unit it needs for the tasks at hand. One such system we have available is the GE Logiq V5, which has a number of great features making it perfect for a long list of healthcare providers.

Why Choose the GE LOGIQ V5 Ultrasound Machine?

The GE Logiq V5 is designed to be an affordable and practical investment for healthcare facilities everywhere. The system provides automated calculations, onboard clinical information and time saving tool that make your time with patients more efficient and informed. Here are some of the features that make it ideal for family practices, orthopedics, pain management treatments, and several others.

Specifications of the GE Logiq V5

1. It has a large 19-inch screen with 4-way tilting, which makes it the perfect height and angle for everyone in your office.
2. To make it easy to access the probe, it has 3 conveniently located probe holders as well as spaces to align the cord so that it is neat and not in the way.
3. It is lightweight and easy to move from place to another.

Image Quality of the GE Logiq V5

We all know that an ultrasound is only as useful as the quality of its images. With that in mind the GE Logiq V5 is designed to provide the images you need. Some of the image features available include:

· MLA4 Technology which allows you to increase the frame size and get a better look at organs and blood flow.
· Real-Time SRI-HD eliminates noise so that true tissue architecture is visible.
· TruScan TM Architecture to provide flexibility and optimization of images or cine loops
· TVI (an optional feature) so you can better assess heart function.
· The CrossXBeam for enhancing tissue interfaces and border differentiation

The GE Logiq V5 is ideal for many medical locations due to its many applications. If you are interested in adding it to your office, and still have questions, then please contact one of the National Ultrasound team members to learn more. We look forward to assisting you in your decision.