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Getting to Know the Vscan!

GE-Vscan-Extend-Dual-Probe-for-cardiovascular-applicationsNational Ultrasound is always happy to introduce new equipment that helps to advance the medical field and help people live longer, fuller lives. One of the most recent machines in our product line is the GE Vscan Extend Dual Probe. This ultrasound machine can be used for many scenarios, thus making medicine and treatment options better. The Vscan is especially helpful in ascertaining those issues related to the bladder but can be used for other determinations as well.

Although bladder issues are most common for people between the ages of 60 and 80, they can also affect people as early as their mid 20s. The Vscan makes detection easier so the sooner the problems are identified and treatment begun, the fuller life one can live.  After all, no matter the age, no one wants to live in pain or discomfort ,and the Vscan’s ease of use makes it the perfect diagnostic tool. Not sure if the Vscan will benefit your practice? Then check out these great features:

  • The Vscan provides a simple, fast, and precise evaluation –often giving results within the hour.
  • It works with the DICOM and PACS to provide an image or to upload your new images into the system so that they can accessed at both your clinic or at the hospital.
  • It can quickly scan the bladder, gallbladder, aorta, kidney, liver or spleen.
  • It has a dual probe with both linear and phase away options.
  • Unlike other ultrasound machines of this nature which only have an orbital probe used to measure longitudes and sagittal results, the Vscan does a more thorough examination that results in better picture quality.
  • The GE Vscan Extend Dual Probe has a 3-year warranty.
  • It is easy to clean because the cable, probe and system itself are all one piece.
  • It starts with just the touch of a button and quickly connects with the Vscan extend.
  • The images are clear and easily read.
  • It works with several apps such as the Bladder Volume and the Lung Protocol.
  • It works with a cloud ecosystem thus making it easy to access workflow, reports, and triage applications.
  • It is totally portable. In fact, it is nearly the same size as your cell phone, and can even be used when out in the field to ascertain any problems, which makes ideal for clinicians, military medics, or physicians who are on hand at sporting events.
  • Not only is it effective on the scene of an emergency, but it can also be used when en route to a medical facility.

The GE Vscan is a great addition to any medical facility due to its portability, ease of use and clear images. Don’t put off getting the Vscan for your health care location. Give the team at National Ultrasound a call today to learn more about the GE Vscan Extend Dual Probe. We have knowledgeable people who will be happy to answer all your questions and help you decide what equipment you need for your office. Talk to one of ultrasound specialist today.