How Much do You Know about the Mindray M6?

As you look around our website, you will see numerous designs and setups for ultrasound equipment. Consequently, it can be easy to overlook some of the more unique systems available. One of the ultrasound units that we find to be perfect for nearly every environment is the Mindray M6 .

The Mindray M6 is a hand-carried ultrasound system that can go from the clinic to sports field with little work involved – essentially a grab and go unit, perfect for a long list of “office” scenarios! It was designed to be the total balance of performance, versatility and design so that you can get all you need without having a multitude of additional parts.

So, what is it about the Mindray M6 that makes is the total package? Here are but a few of its features:

·      Cutting Edge Technology – The Mindray M6 uses Living Technology and is constantly upgrading the software and systems to ensure that it is always everything you need it to be.

·      Transducers – The Mindray M6 works with a number of transducers, so you can get the reading and insight you need for a variety of images.

·      Ergonomic Design – The Mindray M6 is a lightweight, compact ultrasound that makes storage and portability easy.

·      Imaging – Designed to produce multiple clinical applications and allow you to produce specific report templates with anatomical graphics.

·      Sturdy – The Mindray M6 is stored in an alloy case with an anti-shock and anti-splash design that allows you to do diagnostic exams in the harshest environment.

·      Connectivity –  The unit will complete the DICOM solution, transfer images and reports directly to an iStorage/PC and works with MedSight to allow for image transferring.

·      Workflow – Designed to work with iTouch, the Mindray M6 has one button image optimization. These features include B-mode, color mode, PW mode, auto IMT, Smart Tracking, and Smart Doppler, so you can get the best image possible and make a more certain diagnosis.

·      Multi-beam formation – This allows you to receive beams from each transmitted, for a better resolution.

·      iBeam – This uses several images to be made from a variety of angles to show a single image with a contrast resolution.

·      iClear – This is Mindray M6’s speckle reduction technology which allows you to get a better and clearer image with less speckle noise.

Just a quick perusal of our website, and you will discover there is a wide selection of ultrasound equipment available. From systems designed primarily for the office environment to those especially built to take on the go, we have a broad selection perfect for virtually any budget and need.

As a result, it can sometime be difficult to determine what type of ultrasound set up is right for you. Rather than letting it become a chore, why not contact one of our National Ultrasound team members? They will be happy to help you make the best selection for your needs.