Improve Your Veterinary Practice with We See You Solutions

As medical professionals, you have very busy schedules. You work holidays, late nights and early mornings to keep your patients healthy. This is true whether your patients are people or someone’s furbabies.  In fact, when you have a veterinary practice, you are faced with one additional challenge – your patients cannot talk to you. Consequently, having equipment such as an ultrasound machine is a vital method of “communication” that helps you ascertain what is wrong with someone’s furry (or feathered, scaled, etc.) family member.


The National Ultrasound team understands just how vital it is for your veterinary practice to have medical equipment that meets your needs, and more importantly, the ability to use that equipment to the best of your ability. With that need in mind, we teamed up with We See You Solutions, a tele-training company. The WSYS team is focused on helping your practice become better than ever, while you train from the comfort of your home or office.


Using a platform that can be used by any office, the WSYS system allows you to receive quality ultrasound training, no matter the type of system your office uses. In fact, if you have a sonographer or radiologist you already work with, they are encouraged to join the network and work with you – this actually helps your sessions to take less time (always nice!) yet allow you to learn more quickly!


WSYS uses a device known as the Core Correct which will transmit your live image to the WSYS trainer who can then guide you in the placement and enhancement of the image so you are able to get a more accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. The Core Connect system provides full HD quality securely from your practice and then your trainer can give real time advice. Making the process even more effective is that some of the ultrasound systems allow the WSYS trainer to remotely control the functions of your ultrasound system to ensure the learning process is most effective and even to assist you with patients.


So, if you still aren’t convinced that the We See You Solutions approach is a great way to boost your practice, consider these advantages:


·      There’s no need to travel to get ultrasound training.

·      Remote, real time training at your practice

·      Train on your time and schedule

·      One on one instruction with a professional sonographer

·      Learn on your own patients

·      Much more affordable than the traditional approach to veterinary ultrasound training

·      More confidence in your ultrasound skills and diagnosis


If you are looking for a way to take your veterinary practice to the next level, then opting for the WSYS approach is a great place to start. To learn more talk to the National Ultrasound team or the We See You Solutions team today.