New 2022 Ultrasound Machines for Sale

The newest 2022 ultrasound machines for sale represent the latest medical advances, addressing upcoming patient needs. Are you a medical professional looking to replace ultrasound machines in your clinic or facility? Then you have come to the right place.

2020 machines focus on increasing automation, reducing processing time, and spreading access for point-of-care services. Newer machines can assist patients in unconventional locations, and administer diagnoses even while flying or at sea. We can also gather more data on existing and emerging conditions.

Portability is another important factor. Pocket-sized machines can increase convenience for doctors, and reduce the time spent transporting ultrasound devices. Improved cleaning processes are also important since the equipment remains delicate and can damage easily.

2022 Ultrasound Equipment Recommendations

We retail these machines and can provide competitive prices or quotes. It is our goal to provide you with quality and expert advice on portable ultrasound systems and other available options. Knowing the manufacturers’ warranty can also save on costs in the long run. Below are our top three recommendations.

Mindray MX7

The Mindray brand is one of the most reputable on the market for ultrasound machines. They focus on providing quality to the patients and customizing services for professionals.

Look at this upgrade and the newest model in the M line. The MX7 comes with the ZST+ Platform (Zonare technology) with color imaging. Program the customizable knobology to your profession’s preference. You get a five-year manufacturer’s warranty so as to save on budget and have a chance to see the newest options.

GE Venue GO

GE has focused on creating portable ultrasounds so that the machines can constantly travel for patients’ benefit. Busier hospitals and clinics can move around the Venue Go to handle a larger capacity of diagnoses. A cleanable touchscreen and internal WiFi support increase convenience when dealing with different levels of convenience.

GE Vscan Air

Are you seeking a battery-powered general diagnostics machine? You get pocket-sized portability as well as user-face integration with a lower learning curve. Measure anatomical structures and fluids with eClinical support. Connect with the VScan app for utmost convenience.

You can also use this machine for interventional radiology. Doctors can store the data for follow-up assessments.

Upcoming Releases

There are some machines that also excite us with their potential for the 2022 and 2023 markets. They aren’t listed, but we will release more information when we receive updates, complete with links and a manufacturer’s guarantee.

Mindray Imagyn i9 – This model is comparable to the GE Voluson E8. The Imagyn i9 is designed for high-quality women’s care, at a competitive price. It will provide new services for diagnostic imaging, ideally to prevent any gynecological complications or manage chronic conditions.

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