Philips Lumify vs GE VScan

Portable ultrasound is one of the game-changers within point-of-care. They allow doctors, nurses and technicians to conduct exams in more unusual or outdoor environments, so they can reach more patients. When you are comparing the Philips Lumify vs. the GE VScan, in one case, you may be asking questions about how the two are similar or different. We outline all the similarities and differences between the two brands and models.

Comparing Philips Lumify And GE VScan

There are several models for both brands within the GE VScan and Philips Lumify. As a result, you have a wide range of Android devices that your medical clinic can use.

The GE Vscan Extend Sector Probe Ultrasound Machine is one of the newest models from GE Healthcare. This probe is best for general diagnostics when looking at anatomical structures and fluid. It is pocket-sized and the Extend Sector Probe assists with basic assessments. Use the wireless image export and cloud ecosystem for optimal data storage.


In contrast, the Philips Lumify is designed to pair with pre-existing machines. With a linear array and phased array, you also get a five-year warranty from the company. You simply need the Lumify app, a mobile device, and a transducer. The Reacts capability allows you to livestream scans and examinations. You also get encrypted data for patient-doctor confidentiality.

philips lumify

Both Philips Lumify and the GE VScan run on the Google Android system. The GE VScan has an Android-based system, while the Philips Lumify requires an official Android device like a phone, computer or tablet to pair with it along with the appropriate applications. In the case of the latter, Philips Lumify rolls out automatic app updates and has a customer service system from the manufacturers. As long as you stay on top of these updates, then you can constantly focus more on patient care.

Philips Lumify has a smaller amount of presets and custom applications in the Android store as compared to the GE VScan. It can also only use one probe at a time, so we recommend it for clinics that have a smaller patient volume. That way when you are making the switch, you have less pressure.

The GE VScan has two probes attached, for cardiac and vascular applications respectively. Technicians have a larger amount of presets and customization options, meaning it is great for handling a large body of patients. It can switch between the linear and sector probe heads, which is great for point-of-care ultrasounds and ER use.

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