BK Flex Focus 800 Ultrasound Machine

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The BK Flex Focus 800 ultrasound machine is a color console system designed for urology, small parts, vascular, surgery and general imaging applications. The high resolution 19 inch monitor displays excellent color doppler, spatial resolution, image quality and sensitivity. System and transducers are easy to clean and disinfect. The BK Flex Focus 800 ultrasound machine is a small footprint system, making it easy to move around your practice or clinic. Other features include: smoothed sealed keyboard for easy cleaning, 4 hour battery life, wifi network connection.

Application Specific Features:

  • Urology: High level detail and contrast resolution for kidney, prostate, bladder and testes imaging. Wide range of transducers for prostate biopsy and procedural guidance.
  • Surgery: Highly detailed imaging for laparoscopic, intraoperative and percutaneous. Wide range of transducers for surgical and neurosurgical imaging.
  • General Imaging: Intuitive user interface, high quality imaging with Vector Flow Imaging mode for angle-independent visualization of blood flow.

Advanced Imaging Features:

  • Automatic Mode Adjustment: optimized high resolution B-mode imaging when depth and modes are changed
  • Motion Compensated Angular Compound Imaging: high quality real-time images
  • Triplex: enables maximization of PRF with tight spectral envelope and real-time synchronicity between 2D and color doppler
  • Family Practice
  • Nephrology
  • OB-GYN
  • Surgery
  • Urology
  • Vascular
  • Not available
  • BK> 2052 Anorectal 3D Transducer (16-6 MHz)
  • BK> 8820e Curved Array Transducer (6-2 MHz)
  • BK> 8830 Curved Array Transducer (6-2 MHz)
  • BK> 8837 Small Footprint Cardiac Transducer
  • BK> 8848 Endocavity Biplane Transducer (12-4 MHz)
  • BK> 8862 Craniotomy Transducer (10-3.8 MHz)
  • BK>8666-RF 4-Way Laparoscopic Probe (10-4.3 MHz)
  • BK>8667 Endfire Curved Array Transducer (10-5 MHz)
  • BK>8670 Linear Array Transducer (12-4 MHz)
  • BK>8808e Prostate Biplane Transducer (10-5 MHz)
  • BK>8809 Hockey Stick Transducer (15-9 MHz)
  • BK>8811 Linear Array Transducer (12-5 MHz)
  • BK>8815 Intraoperative Transducer(10-4 MHz)
  • BK>8816 T-Shaped Intraoperative Transducer(10-4.3 MHz)
  • BK>8818 Prostate Triplane Transducer (12-4 MHz)
  • BK>8819 Endovaginal Transducer (9-5 MHz)
  • BK>8823 Curved Array Transducer (6-1.8 MHz)
  • BK>8824 Intraoperative Biplane Transducer ( 10-3.75 MHz)
  • BK>8826 Robotic Drop-In Ultrasound Transducer (12-5 MHz)
  • BK>8838 Endocavity 3D Transducer (12-4 MHz)
  • BK>8863 Burr-Hole Transducer (10 - 3.8 MHz)
  • BK>8870 High Frequency Linear Transducer (18-6 MHz)
  • Battery
  • Printer