GE Vivid i Ultrasound Machine

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This model is no longer manufactured by GE. Contact us today for a comparable or refurbished machine.


GE’s Vivid line of ultrasound machines and ultrasound parts now includes the GE Vivid i ultrasound machine. This portable ultrasound machine is perfect for point-of-care applications including Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Vascular, and more. Whatever your practice, the Vivid i ultrasound can facilitate quality and efficient patient care. This ultra-light laptop style ultrasound can provide on-the-go diagnostic imaging, bringing your care with you wherever your practice takes you. The Vivid i is equipped with a 15″ high resolution LCD monitor display, intuitive user interface, and multiple imaging modes, and is compatible with a multitude of GE ultrasound transducers, also available on the National Ultrasound website. National Ultrasound offers new and used portable ultrasound machines for sale, so click “Get a Quote” to find an ultrasound system that’s right for your needs and budget. Or contact us today to speak to a specialist about our full line of ultrasound products and accessories.

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Technical Specifications

15″ high resolution LCD512 Channel Imaging, Tissue Doppler Imaging, Anatomical M-Mode, PW/CW Doppler, Color Flow, Power Doppler, ECG Module, Color M-Mode, Auto Tissue Optimization (ATO), Auto CFM Optimization (ACO), Auto Spectrum Optimization (ASO), ACE, TruAccess (raw data processing), MPEGvue, 40GB HD.

Dimensions: 2.5” (H) x 14” (W) x 12” (D) Weight: 10 lb
  • Cardiology
  • Family Practice
  • Internal Medicine
  • Surgery
  • Vascular
  • DICOM 3.0
  • ECG cable
  • Stress Echo
  • GE>10S-RS - 4.0-10.0 MHz Wideband Phased Array
  • GE>12L-RS - 5-13 MHz Wideband Linear Probe
  • GE>3S-RS Sector Array
  • GE>4C-RS Convex
  • GE>5S-RS - 2.0-5.0 MHz Wideband Phased Array
  • GE>6T-RS - 2.2 - 8.0 MHz multiplane transesophageal
  • GE>7S-RS - 3.1-8.0 MHz Wideband Phased Array
  • GE>8C-RS Convex
  • GE>9T-RS - 4.0 - 10.0 MHz multiplane transesophageal
  • GE>P2D CWD Non-Imaging
  • GE>P6D CWD Non-Imaging
  • Footswitch
  • Printer