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Interson SeeMore Pet Scan USB Ultrasound Probe

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For almost 30 years in the Silicon Valley, Interson has been specializing in the design, manufacturing, sales and service of cutting-edge ultrasound imaging technology for both medical and veterinary diagnostic applications, and National Ultrasound is proud to carry their products. For veterinary imaging applications, the Interson SeeMore Pet Scan USB Ultrasound Probe easily scans the bladder, liver, kidney, spleen, and heart in small animal cases. It connects to any Windows computer and allows the user to scroll through a list of the most typical procedures and view a reference image for that procedure. Fine-needle aspiration, pregnancy diagnosis, abdominocentesis, cystocentesis, and liver biopsy procedures can all easily be done using the SeeMore Pet Scan.

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Model Number:  99-7914

Depth Rang:  1 – 21 cm

Focus:  Dynamic over full depth range

Pulse Frequency:  3.5 – 7.5 MHz

Scan Angle:  60 degrees

Patient Contact:  49 mm

Cable: USB 2.0, 2 meter (5 meter opt.)

Size:  150 mm x 62 mm

Weight:  110 grams (.24lbs)

System Requirements:  OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 Processor / RAM: 2 GHz / 4 GB