Mindray Z6 Vet Ultrasound Machine

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This model is no longer manufactured by Mindray. Contact us today for a refurbished or comparable machine like the Mindray M6 Veterinary ultrasound machine.


Mindray’s vision is to make better healthcare more accessible, and that includes the veterinary market. National Ultrasound is proud to offer the Mindray Z6 Vet portable ultrasound machine. The system provides the value-added features of a traditional color Doppler system in a portable machine at a great price to fit your budget. The full-featured imaging technologies of the Z6 Vet will bring you more diagnostic confidence in improving patient care across a wide range of clinical applications. And it’s compact and lightweight, providing enhanced mobility for use anywhere, any time.

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Technical Specifications:

Mindray Z6 is a Portable, Color Doppler Ultrasound System – 15” High resolution LCD with tilt functionality for better viewing, Pulse Wave Doppler, Color/Power, HPRF, Shared Service Package, Two transducer connectors, 320G massive hard disc for image storage, iBeamTM Spatial Compounding Imaging, iClearTM Adaptive Speckle Suppression Imaging, iTouchTM Auto Optimization, Phase Shift Harmonic Imaging, Trapezoid Imaging, B Steer Imaging, Imaging modes: B/2B/4B/M/B+M, iStationTM Patient Information Management System, 8-Segment TGC, Four USB ports, one VGA port, one S-Video port, Measurement & calculation software packages, Rechargeable battery(6600mAh, 14.8V).

  • Veterinary
  • CW Doppler
  • IMT
  • iScape View (Panoramic Imaging)
  • Xros Imaging
  • Battery Pack
  • Black and White Video Printer
  • Footswitch
  • Hand carried bag
  • Mobile Cart
  • Needle-Guided Brackets
  • Wireless LAN