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Philips Affiniti 50 Ultrasound Machine

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National Ultrasound is an online retailer for ultrasound systems, machines, probes and parts. We carry ultrasound parts and machines from top medical manufacturing brands in the industry, such as refurbished Philips Ultrasound. The Philips Affiniti 50 ultrasound is a shared service ultrasound machine that is designed for high volume with solid image quality for a reasonable price. The Affiniti 50 is designed for 4D, Abdominal, Anesthesia, Breast, Cardiac, Cardiovascular Imaging, Emergency Medicine, General Imaging, Musculoskeletal, OB-GYN, Pediatric, Perinatology, Peripheral Vascular, Small Parts, Stress Echo, Superficial, Thyroid, Vascular, and Venous imaging applications. This console ultrasound machine is fitted with a 21.5” LCD display with four-way articulation, 12” widescreen tablet-like touchscreen, 4 transducer ports and one-handed transducer access, as well as a variety of imaging display, storage, and sharing features. National Ultrasound carries ultrasound equipment, so you can find an ultrasound system that fits your budget. To get pricing information on this or any of our products, click “Get a Quote,” or contact National Ultrasound to speak to a specialist about your diagnostic imaging needs.


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Technical Specifications:

21.5” LCD display with four-way articulation, 12” widescreen tablet-like touchscreen, 4 transducer ports and one-handed transducer access, Intelligent software architecture, Combined 512 GB storage capacity, DVD+RW drive, Wireless networking, , 2D mode, Tissue Harmonic Imaging(ThI), M mode, Color Doppler, Color Power Angio Doppler, Pulse wave Doppler, Auto color and auto Doppler, Transport mode : The system lasts 45 minutes before recharge, PureWave crystal technology, Auto Doppler for vascular imaging, SonoCT real-time compound imaging, XRES adaptive image processing, iSCAN intelligent optimization, AutoSCAN intelligent optimization, iOPTIMIZE intelligent optimization, Tissue aberration correction (TAC), Coded beamforming, QuickSAVE feature, Cineloop review: up to 2,200 frames of 2D and color images, High Q automatic Doppler analysis

  • 3D/4D
  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Endocrinology
  • Family Practice
  • Internal Medicine
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • OB-GYN
  • Orthopedics
  • Otorhinolaryngology
  • Pain Management
  • Podiatry
  • Rheumatology
  • Surgery
  • Urology
  • Vascular
  • 3D Color
  • 4D Imaging
  • Contrast Imaging
  • DICOM 3.0
  • Free hand 3D
  • Panoramic Imaging
  • Physio SW
  • StartExam
  • STIC (Spacial-Temporal Image Correlation)
  • Strain Elastography
  • Stress Protocol
  • TDl
  • Philips ATL>3D9-3v Volume Endocavitary (3-9 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>BP10-5ec Bi-plane Endocavity ( 5-10 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C10-3v PureWave Endocavity (3-10 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C10-4ec Endocavity (4-10 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C5-1 PureWave Convex Array (1–5 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C6-2 Convex ( 2-6 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C8-5 Micro-convex Array (5–8 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C9-2 PureWave Micro-convex (2 -9 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>C9-4v Endocavity (4-9 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>D2tcd Pedoff PW (2 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>D5cwc Pedoff CW (5 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>L12-3 Linear Array (3-12 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>L12-4 Linear Array (4-12 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>L12-5- 12.0 - 5.0 MHz- Linear Array (vascular/small parts)
  • Philips ATL>L15-7io Intraoperative Linear (7–15 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>L18-5 Linear (5-18 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>S12-4 Neonatal Phased Sector Array (4-12 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>S4-2 Phased Sector Array (2-4 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>S5-1 PureWave Phased Sector Array (1-5 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>S7-3t Pediatric TEE transesophegeal (3-7 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>S8-3 Pediatric Phased Sector Array (3-8 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>V6-2 Volume Convex(2-6 MHz )
  • Philips ATL>VL13-5 Volume Linear (5-13 MHz)
  • Philips ATL>xMATRIX TEE transesophegeal X 7-2t (2 – 7 MHz)
  • Battery Pack
  • Biopsy Guide
  • Black and white printer
  • Color printer
  • DVD-RW Drive