Why Purchase a Refurbished GE GoldSeal Ultrasound Machine?

As one of the biggest and most successful names in the scientific advancements field, GE has a long-established reputation in the healthcare community as being a dependable source for office equipment for a long list of medical procedures. One such piece of equipment is their line of ultrasound systems; as they have one of the most extensive lines from which to choose. They produce new models and updates frequently, with styles ranging from portable systems to those of varying sizes and features.

However, while they are frequently looking for ways to update and improve their ultrasound equipment, GE recognizes that many offices need a way to save a little when it comes to the cost of medical equipment. Consequently, they also offer the GE GoldSeal Ultrasounds, which have been refurbished to meet all the current standards for HIPPA.

The GoldSeal refurbished ultrasound systems are ideal for any office, from pediatric to OB-GYN to cardiac applications, and offers a number of advantages. If you are concerned about opting for a refurbished ultrasound, consider these GoldSeal advantages:

  • Current – When you purchase a refurbished ultrasound, it will include the latest in software and original OEM parts. This means that while the machine itself might be an older model, all of the features and programming are as up to date as the system built just last month.
  • Service – As with all GE ultrasound equipment, you will have access to online assistance for any of your questions as well as help form local service providers.
  • Quality – All the refurbished ultrasound machines are built by OEM factory trained technicians who guarantee all OEM specifications are met.
  • Training – We know that you want to get the most out of your ultrasound system, so we provide operation and application training. In fact, we even offer CE Tech training credits.
  • Standards – All refurbished GE GoldSeal ultrasounds meet stringent selection standards; not every ultrasound will meet these standards. Consequently, they only refurbish those machines that are well-known and have acceptable histories which qualify for Gold Seal.
  • Confidentiality – All of the refurbished systems are completely wiped of data from their previous office, so you begin with a fresh system.
  • Imagining – There is no fear of poor quality imaging with a refurbished machine, as the GoldSeal systems produce the same superior imaging.

It should be noted that there is a significant difference between a used system and a refurbished system. The A used machine is one that one used in one office and then sold to another. A refurbished machine is one that has been sent back to GE and then updated with the latest in features, then re-sold. When you purchase a GE GoldSeal refurbished ultrasound system you get a top of the line system, and can save some money, too.

If you are need of a new ultrasound system for your office, then don’t hesitate to purchase a refurbished machine. If you have questions about what type of system to get for your office, give the team at National Ultrasound a call today. We will be happy to help you make a wise decision.