RSNA 2013

This week had a lot of exciting news come out from the imaging market at the RSNA 2013 conference in Chicago. Many top manufacturers announced new products and advancements in imaging technology. If you were not able to attend, DOTmed daily news put together a list of the top 5 things you missed. But the most interesting thing is, of course, all of the ultrasound news! We put together a list of ultrasound announcements that we think are particularly exciting for the imaging world:

Toshiba’s New Ultrasound Technology: Enabling ultrasound machines to better show blood flow with detail and accuracy. This could help ultrasound to become useful in even more diagnostic applications, where small details were not previously view-able through ultrasound.

Samsung’s Debut Ultrasound Line: Samsung’s new line of ultrasound systems will be branded “UGEO” mainly targeted at OB/GYN applications in the high-end to mid-level range. Under Samsung Medison, they introduced an upgraded Accuvix A30 featuring new transducer technology.

GE’s New Breast Screening Tool: This new medical device uses ultrasound to produce 3D volumes that are displayed in coronal slices. This new ultrasound technology will increase the detection rate for breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue, when used in conjunction with mammography.

Minolta Enters Ultrasound Market With Hand-Held: The Sonimage P3 is a hand-held, general imaging ultrasound system. Designed for physicians to carry it from patient room to room, the interesting part about the system is it’s ability to be connected with a computer to increase the imaging display.

Siemens New Ultrasound Machine:  Introducing their new ultrasound system, the “HELX Evolution of the ACUSON S Family”. The system boasts faster image processing, specifically elastography and tissue strain techonologies are further enhanced with HELX.