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  • Mindray-TE5-ultrasound-machine-for-sale

    Mindray TE5 Ultrasound Machine

    National Ultrasound carries the new Mindray TE5 ultrasound machine. This system is new to the ...
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  • SIMPLI-picc-ultrasound-for-sale

    Simpli Picc Ultrasound

    The Simpli Picc Ultrasound includes a touch screen tablet with specialized software and a USB ...
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  • Interson-SiMPLi-GP-C01-USB-ultrasound-probe-for-sale

    Interson SiMPLi GP-CO1 USB Ultrasound Probe

    This is a lightweight, handheld, portable ultrasound imaging system suitable for any point-of-care situation. Simply connect the USB probe cable directly into your desktop, laptop, or tablet running Windows OS. Its applications include abdominal, emergency department, general, OB/GYN, urology, and eFAST.

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  • interson-usb-ultrasound-probe-with-tablet

    Interson USB Ultrasound Probe with Tablet Computer

    We offer a bundle package that includes the Interson USB ultrasound probe with a tablet computer, keyboard, and customized imaging software. Choose between the Interson SiMPLi SP-L01 linear or the GP-C01 convex array usb probe. The linear usb probe is perfect for needle guidance, placing PICC lines and blocks while the convex one is great for FAST exams.

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  • Mindray M6 ultrasound machine from national ultrasound

    Mindray M6 Ultrasound Machine

    This color, portable Mindray M6 Ultrasound Machine is for general imaging applications, cardiac, and women’s care. It fits on a mobile cart next to a patient’s bedside and is easy to move from room to room.

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  • sonoscape a5 ultrasound machine

    Sonoscape A5 Ultrasound Machine

    The Sonoscape A5 ultrasound equipment is a black & white portable ultrasound machine with an image quality of high-end cart-based black & white ultrasound systems. This fully digital HCU system has a comfortable, user friendly design, and two active transducer connectors. It provides a wide range of patient data solutions.

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  • sonoscape x3 ultrasound machine
    sonoscape x3 ultrasound machine on mobile cart

    Sonoscape X3 Ultrasound Machine

    The Sonoscape X3 Portable Ultrasound Machine is extremely lightweight and small with a laptop design. Its improved image quality gives increased diagnosis accuracy and less scanning time. Features include multi-beam processing technology, spatial compound imaging, μ-Scan image processing technology, and pure inversion harmonic imaging.

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  • sonoscape e1 ultrasound machine for sale

    Sonoscape E1 Ultrasound Machine

    The Sonoscape E1 is a hand-carried black & white ultrasound model. It provides a satisfying image quality and smooth workflow. It features μ-Scan with speckle reduction and edge enhancement, spatial compound imaging, PW Doppler, Chroma to highlight image details, B Steer for linear probe, and more technologies.

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  • Sonoscape X5 ultrasound machine

    Sonoscape X5 Ultrasound Machine

    This portable ultrasound is designed for general imaging and shared service imaging applications. It can quickly give an accurate diagnosis for an overall increased workflow. It includes multi-beam processing, spatial compound imaging, and μ-Scan image processing, and other ultrasound technologies.

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  • SONOSCAPE-S2-color-ultrasound-machine

    Sonoscape S2 Ultrasound Machine

    SonoScape S2 is a smart, portable, Doppler ultrasound machine featuring SonoScape’s new software platform. The S2 brings more value than any other in its class. Highly mobile with versatile functions and superb design, the S2 features a high-definition 15-inch monitor, providing a clear image from any angle.

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  • SONOSCAPE-S8-Expert-ultrasound-machine

    Sonoscape S8 Expert Ultrasound Machine

    The SonoScape S8 adapts to your work flow wherever you are. It boasts stunning 2D imaging, sensitive spectral, Color, and Power Doppler, displaying well-defined anatomy and pathology. It offers a comprehensive selection of electronic probes to maximize its capabilities to meet a wide range of applications: pediatrics, OB/GYN, MSK, and cardiac imaging.

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  • SONOSCAPE-S9-Pro-ultrasound-machine

    Sonoscape S9 Pro Portable Ultrasound Machine

    The SonoScape S9 Pro portable ultrasound system successfully blends sensible ergonomics, exquisite styling, and ease of use to assist during critical decisions with the greatest of confidence. It also features real-time 3D/4D, spatial compound imaging, pulse inversion harmonic imaging, panoramic imaging, and much more.

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